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Does Anyone Win Womens Day
I am pretty new at this. I was just wondering if anyone ever wins the various Women's Day contests. They have many, but lately the contests are very slow to load and take a lot of time. Just wondering of they are "worth it".

Thanks for hte help.

Aloha TT
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I think they are. I won some great PJ Salvage flannel PJs from them -- no previous email notification, just a fun package showing up one day.

I like Woman's Day better than Bella Online -- often there are several WD prizes -- I think Bella online usually has only one prize in each category, for instance.

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Was Always Wondering The Same Thing
Never Won Anything So Far But Lests Not Jinx Ourselves
I Would Love To Win That 2500 Dollars Worth Of Flooring
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Not me!!!

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I just "won" a coupon for a free carton of orange juice. They were giving away 500 of these. That's the first I've ever been lucky to win and I enter them daily and have for a looooong time.
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They have some great prizes, but you don't hear of anyone winning the big ones. Didn't they give away a mini-van last month?

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The only way you'll hear about any big wins from there is if the person is part of our happy Site....If ever in doubt about any sweep, do what I do, I will ask for a list of winners. Just check out the rules and follow the instructions they give about obtaining the list.....They do have some GOOD PRIZES and I'd hate to lose out just cause I didn't enter. Good Luck
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I just won from their Thymes Dishwashing Liquid sweep - got a neat smelling (cedarwood & mint) bottle of dishwashing liquid and 19 (my DD counted - - - and claimed) various neat herbal type samples - handcreme, facecream, body lotions, facial scrubs/masks and even a couple of other sample dish soap things! Pretty neat! They DO give out prizes. No notification - just surprise visit from UPS!
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And here's to surprise visits!!!!!

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Toad, I am curious if you used RoboForm to enter their contest and do you usually enter them one right after the other?

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womans day win
I was recently notified that I won lunch with an author in my hometown for me and my bookclub. This was a womans day grand prize win. The lunch will be featured on the web site, magazine and the publisher's web site.

Contest ended back in August and I just received notification about three weeks ago that I won.
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I also was one of the lucky winners of the Thymes dishwashing liquid. Very nice surprise. No notice, just showed up from the big brown truck. As an aside I use Robo for the Woman's Day entries.
Happy New Year.
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I haven't won any of their contests yet but I haven't given up. I still enter them hoping to win one of these days.

Welcome to the family!

The Seahorse Lady

My Wins
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i have been entering all of them for about six months and they are great but i have not won one i dont think! Nothing that ever came said it was from their magazine but does HEARST Mag. publish this stuff or would it just come through the magazine? Good luck. I want the scrapbooking cruise!!!!
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I won a nice 2 candle set from them when I first started sweeping, it just showed up on the porch one day and took me forever to figure out where it came from.

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