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How many people have entered in a sweeps?
In the past, when I have won a sweepstakes, I usually ask how many entries were in for that specific sweeps. Sometimes the Judging Angency answers and sometimes they say they cannot answer.

My question is : If there were 100,000 entries for a daily and you win, was there 100,000 people that entered or was there 1,670 people that entered every day for two months? I hope that makes sense, I'm really tired right now

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I have never asked but sometimes on FB when its a like us to win I can tell how many are in the running. Makes me feel bad enough when time after time there is only under 300 entries and I still dont win. So I sure dont want to know the big ones. lol Im feeling like this just reading your question. lol
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it's probably a mix. not everyone enters every day, but entries are different than "entrants". so 100,000 entries is probably about 80% the same people doing daily entries, and 20% people doing one time or period entries (complete guess here)

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I've never thought of asking before. Good idea though.
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i usually ask on the bigger ones. the biggest HOF i won was a 1x entry and they told me they had about 3300 entries (i forget what it was now). my biggest "high-profile/high-entry activity" sweep was a daily entry for a gibson guitar (the sweep probably lasted 100 days). and that one had about 97,000 entries. but these were both a few years ago, and i would imagine the number of entries are at least double those figures today.

i suspect that on the dailies - especially the higher profile ones that show up on ad banners - at least 25% of the entries are just one-timers that stumbled onto the sweep. and maybe 10% of those people realize its a daily and then enter multiple days.

the other thing is that for any given product, there is probably a loyal contingent of people who keep up with their news and website activity. they wouldnt normally seek out sweepstakes but they will enter for their favorite brand of golf clubs or the disney trips or or whatever.

what i would be curious about is what percent of a typical daily sweep's entries come from OLS members vs the general public.
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As I posted earlier today, my son won Radio Disney last week and she said there were over 22,000 entries...i didn't ask, she just told me. he didn't do anything different than anyone else (one entry online per day, not the call in for 100 entries). he just got lucky i guess.
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All of my nice wins have come from 1X only.

I don't know how you guys do dailies I have tried dailies and instants and for some reason they just don't like me. LOL

Good luck on all those that have the patience to do them.

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Not sure only had 1 sponsor tell me how many entries
I won a second place prize (think there were 6), a one time entry with 80,000 entries. A telescope. Usually I don't ask but maybe I should start too.

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Thanks for all the replies

I was just curious if they break it down by each individual name or by how many "total" entries for the winner. I always think about the odds of winning that's why I ask the JA's for that info.

FYI: Only one JA said they couldn't tell me total entries of the ones I won-I think. (Can't remember who it was)

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One of the ones I won- was a daily I didn't enter daily. They had over a million entries total (was TV sponsored & a BIGGIE in the day). It ran for around 90 days I believe?
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I like when I know how many people i am up against
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