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Kirk Davis
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Why can't I win?
I have been doing sweeps now for about 4 months and I do them everyday. I spend about 5 hours a day doing them and have 20 daily pages I do and 2 pages of 24 hours and one page of monthly. I have only won one thing and that was a book from good-reads the first time I played. Am I missing something? Should I be clicking on the extra add me to mailing list things at there pages or what? HELP!!!!!
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I've been doing this for years and 4 months is not a long time in the world of sweeping. Sweeps have expiration dates and then it takes them some time to contact you and get you the prize. In this hobby, patience is a virtue for real!! Best of luck to you!!! I just won a sports car, 30,255 ARV, selling back to the dealer for 25 grand cash. Yes, folks win.

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Just need patience and perseverance.
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You are going to burn yourself out- many have come before you and done just what you do and burned out...

Your best chance to 'win' prizes you really want and keep entering for them- is to ENTER FOR THOSE & not books you don't want.

A trained monkey can enter all the sweeps, that's not the issue- it's doing it habitually that will get you and when you are doing so many, you are bound to make mistakes which can easily eliminate you entirely from being qualified at all, let alone actually winning bc you will give up.

It took me about 9 months to win my 'first' prize of notable value. I entered as I do now- about 100 daily. I also did mail ins quite regularly but hadn't been so successful with them.

I typically limit my entries so I can be completely focused on what I'm up to entering. I can remember them off the top of my head and I always take time to re-read the rules just to be 'safe'.

Never discount your local area as a good resource. I've won a ton of good prizes locally as well!
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I've been sweeping for just over a year and have had pretty good luck. Although I am currently going thru a dry spell. Stick with it.
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You're not doing anything wrong, unless you are disqualifying yourself by circumventing the rules of the sweep.
It is simply a sign of the times we are all in.
Companies have cut back in their marketing budgets, people that are unemployed have more free time and discovered what they thought would be a way to bring in income,etc.
Most likely, you just haven't been at it long enough to see much "return".
Up until last year, I would take a break from sweeping for 4-5 months. I noticed each year, it would take about 5-6 months after I started up again to start seeing wins again. Year before last when the economy first tanked, it was almost nine months before I started seeing wins after my break.
Last year, I swept continuously throughout and had wins coming in on a consistent basis.

The sweeps that you've entered may not have even ended yet, or if they have, winner's may not have been drawn or notified yet.

Enter and forget. While waiting for sweep winners to be determined, enter some more...but concentrate only on those sweeps that you have a genuine interest in and are willing/able to pay the taxes for.

This is supposed to be a hobby. If you are doing sweeps as a means of extra income or look at is as a job, then you will get burned out pretty fast. Again, enter and forget. If the prize was meant to be yours, it will happen. Don't take the hobby too seriously.

I don't waste my time for things I don't want. I am very selective in what I devote my time to. I don't see a whole lot of wins compared to many others, but when I do win, it's almost a guarantee that it was something useful for me.

Hang in there and good luck!

My Motherload of Wins
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it was 6 months before i got noticed of a trip win , hang in could be a big winner already just dont know it yet lol....think positive

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You have to sweep for a year then look back and see what you won. Four months is not long enough for all your sweeps to end, even! Then a couple of months to notify. And then a couple months MORE before they just start mailing out things that cost less than 600 bucks.
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Its a Marathon not a sprint.

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It took me a LONG time to win anything. I think I was doing this for years before I actually won something.
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Sounds like you're doing everything right. Hang in there.
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sometimes it takes a very long time for a win to arrive! Dont give up! Just keep entering!!

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I was just notified a few days ago of a $6,000 prize win that ended Jan. 31st! Hang in there and the wins WILL COME!

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Look for your local radio & TV stations & bookmark their pages. Check them out once or twice a month for sweeps. I win alot of good prizes from locals. There are fewer people entering locals. Most media sites will have occasional sweeps that you just have to fill out the form. I don't have the time to do call in contests on the radio. I have won trips, electronics, meet & greets, and many tickets to shows I loved going to but would have never paid to see.
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i have been doing this for 8yrs i am not a trained monkey. i win a bit here and there then nothing-right now nothing-i have never won a big one HOF-Trip-Cash like some so hang in there it takes time -and as others have posted enter for what you want or need-if it makes you feel any better i have been trying to win a certain prize for over a year still no luck--not an ipad-its not a big prize but it is something i really want so i keep trying

Every entry is a potential Winner -
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