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My first ever HOF. woohooo
It feels amazing to be able to post here.

We havent got the official affy yet, but have spoke to schick PR and the fulfillment company shall be handling the rest so I think im safe to post now

I nominated my hubby for this contest, and we received an e-mail we one of the 'potential finalists', and found out today, thats means we were one of the winners !!

Grand Prize consists of round-trip coach air transportation ; three nights/four days hotel accommodations for the nominator and his/her nominee and two guests to one of the following locations of Nominee’s choice: Daytona Beach, Florida; Palm Springs, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; or South Padre Island, Texas; and $250.00 for the nominator and $250.00 for the nominee. If the nominator is also the nominee, the nominator will receive $500.00 check. Total ARV of all prizes is $7,600.00.

Additionally they are flying both me and hubby to New york in april to film his shaving experience. They are paying for these flights too, and the hotel stay and giving us spending money for that trip too, so its kinda like 2 trips we won !!! Think the new york part is valued around $1,800

Here is a link to some of the other winners, this is what hubby shall be doing. They asked me if i wanted to act in it too, but i said id rather watch from the sidelines so he shall be starring with the other professional actors :P
Hubby is kinda sad because he hasnt shaved his goatee since he was 16, but for a trip like this he is getting over it lol

Were so excited!!! This is our 2nd trip win, and we win two !! lol

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Schmargle Blargle Foomilargle
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Awesome win! Have fun!

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Wink Woo hoo!
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Awesome, Faye! Congrats!

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How fun. Congrats!
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Yowza. have fun.
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Rose's Wins
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Very sweet win! Super congrats to you!
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Smile It really can happen!
This is wonderful!!! I bet it feels really good too. Congrats!
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congrats! and his goatee will grow back fast-sounds like lots of fun!
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Congrats! that is great win!!!
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Awesome!! Congrats, enjoy your trip!!
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~**~*~*~**~*~*~*~* AWESOME ~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~**~ !!!

Congrats on such great wins ('cause it DOES feel like two!!!)

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How fun! Have a fantastic time!
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Absolutely incredible! Hope you both have an amazing time! Congrats to you and to your husband!
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