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Question how long before you won something....
I started on here 2002 played around for awhile. I'm back and was wondering how long you sweeped before a good win? I also notice there is less (good) sweeps compared to 2002 too bad. The economy, I know.
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It took 6+ months before i had a win worth over $600. That was back in the good old days (2003). It took nearly 2 years before I won a trip
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The night I joined OLS I won 4 instants, one was like a sony hand held TV, think it's obsolete now. Guess it depends on what you consider a good win, but I was happy with the TV.
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I won a trip to New Mexico within a couple of months.
A handful of little (less than $20) wins.
Then a 20K win maybe at 3 years.
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Probably also depends on how many entries you put in/time you put in. You could enter 50 a day, and you would only be doing a fraction of what some people do. I enter for 3-4 hours a day, and accumulate 3,500-4,000 entries a week. Also dependent on what you consider a win--is an mp3 or digital object really a win?

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I saw a click here to win a $25 prepaid Master Card in a Sara Lee Newsletter. Clicked & Won, then I joined OLS. I won a family game pack (a boatload of board & card games) about a month later, then an all expense paid trip to Disneyland 2 months after that.

While I don't win as much as I did 5-8 years ago, but I am still very happy with my wins. This is going to be the year of winning a years worth of stuff. So far, I've won a year supply of toilet paper, milk and fabric softener sheets.
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I've always been good at the instants and have won hundreds of them. But my first non-instant win was a $100.00 pair of women's running shoes from shoes.com daily contest. I won them about three days after I discovered sweeping!

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When I first started, I entered a lot of blogs and won all the time--averaging one win a day. But then I looked around at all the junk that I never got around to selling on ebay and asked myself why.

Now I only enter a sweep if I need the item or if I would be delighted to win it. Needless to say, my win list has gotten shorter. The only wins so far this calendar year are booby prizes.

I'd like to enter more blogs because the prizes are getting better...but they take too darn long to enter.
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about a year 'til first win...
I started online sweepstaking around 1998 when I stumbled upon the now-defunct site "huronline . com" which had lots of sweepstakes listed and organized a bit. (anyone remember or use that one?)
After a year I won a $500 check from Yahoo, and I was hooked.

As for wins being fewer the last few years; sure, the economy has had negative effects, but has anyone considered the surge in high speed internet access as a reason more people than ever are sweepstaking? Those days of dial-up sweepstaking were brutal, only the diehards stuck with it very long.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. - Carl Sagan
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4 months and I won $5000 on a daily that I entered 3 times

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