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What Do 11-Year-Old Girls Want for Christmas?
I have 2 boys -- so I haven't got a clue.

I need to get a gift for a "special needs" 11-year-old hispanic girl. Don't know her size or what her special need is. My husband's work is organizing bringing gifts to a hospital where a child that's been assigned to you is being treated.

Each child filled out a wish list, but my girl only listed a CD player. I got that and 2 CDs, but I'd like to get her a little something more . These kids are either in foster care or low-income housing and I'd like to make her holidays really bright.

Any advice would surely be appreciated!

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My girls 11 & 12 like Paul Frank stuff, Sims computer games, Tycoon computer games, Cranium Cadoo ( my daughter has played this and likes it). Boys have cooties stuff (or similar stuff) found at stores like Hot Topic or Claires.

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I would say it depends on her "special needs." I mean, if she is developmentally delayed or something like that, she may like something that you normally would think of for an 8-year-old.

With that said, I think most 11-year-old girls would be into getting things like nail polish, Lip Smackers, maybe a fun little purse, or something like a disposable camera with a gift card to pay for processing along with a small photo album for the pix she takes. Hair stuff would also be cool, but try and get things that would work with long or short hair if you don't know which she has.

Also, you can always get gift cards to any number of places that might be fun: Walmart, a music store, a bookstore, even just McDonald's or something.

Sorry I'm not much help. Even if I could remember what kind of stuff I liked at 11, it seems like kids these days are so much "older" in their tastes, I'm not sure it would help. Good luck!
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Some of the things jndperry said: nail polish, disposable cameras (Target has great holiday ones for $4.99) and a photo album (I got a great snowman one at a dollar store), art supplies. Seems all the 11-12 year olds I know love drawing and coloring and colored pencils etc.

Hope that helps
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My 11 year old wants Cranium, Bratz, art stuff and any kind of lip gloss or nail polish ( she even asked for perfume )

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You can never go wrong with lip gloss! My eleven year old girl wants a Care Bear. It seems that a lot of girls this age really like them. Maybe a purse with some lip gloss and nail polish. The Lizzie McGuire game is real good also, I haven't found it yet though.
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yep, bratz is a big one! and the mini bratz are like $4.99 at walmart(i'm pretty sure, can't swear, though) and anything to do with lizzie mcguire or kim possible.
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How about a travel bag. One of those smaller ones on wheels. Fill it with a few special gifts and then many smaller ones. Like notepads colored pencils and pens etc. Oh and dont foreget to include a special snuggly stuffed animal. They are great company when you are alone in the hospital.

The travel bag will allow her to check out of the hospital and not have to carry her clothes in one of those hospital issue plastic bag.
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My son is sitting here kind of reading over my shoulder and he said...maybe she wants an 11 year old boy! (he's 11)

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Have you been buying Suave at Target with the coupons? The body wash and teen shampoos (My daugther liked mellon) would be great with Lip Smackers and the travel bag sounds good too. Good luck shopping!

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