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Sweeps Ratings
Just wondering what the rating chart stars entail. How do we rate them?
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No Criteria - Plus There Are Problems
There are no criteria for rating the sweeps - it's simply up to the individual - was it an easy form to fill out, are the prizes good, is the company a good reliable company (or whether the sweepstakes agency responsible for distributing the prizes is fast and reliable), does the page load easily, are the rules fair, do you end up with a lot of unwanted email, is the ARV realistic and accurate, etc. So, it is completely up to the individual with no indication of what the rating "means".

Even worse, there are some people who use the ratings as a way to mark which single-entry sweeps they've entered because you cannot rate a sweep twice (would be easier if these folks just added them to their MySweeps and marked them entered using that). So, looking at the rating tells you nothing about the sweep since you cannot weed-out the members just marking their entries.

I wish there was a simple easy way to rate the companies that offer sweeps and the sweep management agencies across several criteria (like above). But in a hobby that involves an investment of time (and lots of entries), I do not see a quick solution. I would like to know how many members have added a sweep to their MySweeps accounts. That might be a more useful number to see than an undefined "rating" as it would be a better indicator of popularity.
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its rated on personal ratings so you might hate goodreads but I believe knowledge is power and prob read 4-5 books a month, so I would rate it higher then you might (I actually never rate, can't be bothered lol)
I also would rate a dvd high as well and a trip as the lowest , as I don't have a passport and its not something I would enter UNLESS its disney LOL , or within canada

so as you can see, its personal and not something controlled by mods etc

my wins

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Off-topic, but I love, love, LOVE your signature quote, bgskwinner! That is so funny (and true, lol)!
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Very good then, thank you!
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