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Question Do you feel get the feeling a contest was rigged?
I recently came away with a feeling that a contest was rigged or the winner was already determined. Did you ever have this experience?
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Only when I did blog sweeps.
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I don't know
Originally Posted by outwardspace View Post
I recently came away with a feeling that a contest was rigged or the winner was already determined. Did you ever have this experience?
I do believe this can and HAS happened in sweeps before but it' hard to prove. When you think about it. Who is respondsible for preventing a rigged sweep? I mean a sponser can do whatever they wanted to do to a sweep IF they wanted to. Who is going to prevent a rigged sweep? ...kinda reminds me of the 2000 presidential election...and good GOD! look what we got! but MOST..sweeps are fair play.

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yes, every time I don't win
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Yes at least the winners were pre determined, recently I won a premium contest, the odd thing was the prize came a couple of weeks before I got a winning page and email. Now it's possible that I won it twice but the prize came with no notice at all earlier and nothing else has come from the contest since then. Had me scratching my head????

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Thumbs up Rigged
Originally Posted by ceecee4415 View Post
Only when I did blog sweeps.
Oh, be still my heart!
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When I enter sweepstakes, I never assume anything will go my way (or not go my way, for that matter). I look at it all as a matter of chance, numbers, luck of the draw, and whatever the outcome, I accept it. I'd LOVE to win all the huge prizes being offered, but if my number doesn't come up, I really don't believe that anyone is conspiring against me. That's just my humble opinion, and I know that others may disagree.
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if i won something-no
if i lost-yes
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That's why almost all reputable sponsors use a third party administrator to handle their sweeps.
And...there are sweepstakes laws out there, as well.
I don't think any reputable company would chance a lawsuit/bad reputation/negative impact that would come from handling a sweepstakes fraudulently.
Remember McDonald's Monopoly a few years back? They had bad, bad bad backlash over the fraudulent practices of their employees and were severly reprimanded and heavily fined.

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i get the feeling on blogs, as I am new and not sure what i am doing.
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I always feel like most of these sweepstakes never actually give away the prize. I mean who's forcing them to? Great way to get thousands of Facebook followers or get thousands of people to look at your product...and then make up a fake name as the person who's cheaper for them that way!
Especially Hearst sweeps, those $100k ones they keep renewing every year, and never announce winners, there ought to be a law against it!

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Seldom. I think we need a separate place for rigged/cheating contest posts. I can not say the last time I saw one started by someone who did not have a vote request.

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Just on blogs.

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This made me laugh.. I just got an email with the list of winners from a survey I did.. 2 prizes so list of winners of prize A and list of winners of prize B.. not a problem that I wasn't on either list, but why was there one same name (first and last and I didn't think common) on each list ( only one person, but still makes me wonder)..

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Wow, I've hosted quite a few as well as won quite a few and I have no idea why people think they are rigged.

I know NONE of the other winners or blog owners.

I guess I just have to face it, some people will take any chance they can get to bash blogs.

And just fyi, the ones who are winning over and over and over are the ones who are following the rules to the letter doing several of the extra entries - they are putting in the time and effort and earning those prizes while the rest of you are bitching about them.

I think there may have been a few people who chose from among their regular commentors back in the beginning but with all the scrutiny and witch hunts I seriously doubt it goes on now.

FWIW, there is a lot of time and effort involved and while the traffic is great, very few bloggers ever get to the point where they are getting free crap and trips thrown at them left and right, they're people trying to have a little more for their family.

I don't and won't do every giveaway I am offered, there a few reps I really like working with, but for the most part unless it is something we've been saying we wanted I make more entering the giveaways than I do hosting them, so probably a third of mine are things I toss in myself, usually Amazon codes or what have you.

And just so I equally offend everyone, it still pisses me off when you have me put my email in every comment ! Just the other day I got this in an email: I saw you entered xyz contest and found your blog and was wondering if....... UH, NO! don't tell me they won't spam you if they want to, whereas if they have to click in my profile they usually won't bother. And yes, I spell it out, with spacers so bots can't pick it up. And in wordpress blogs I have to put my email right there to fill in your box, how hard is it to look up really?

*pretend I am stepping off my soap box now*

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