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Angelharts Wins
Angelharts My Wins

Wins for 2005 to 2018
May 2005
NFL Football Card Set of 385 (ARV unknown)
4 Paddle Ball Sets (Kraft Contest Instant Win) (ARV total $24.00)

June 2005
Gatorade Sports Towel and Lanyard (Gatorade Instant Win) (ARV $5.00)
Car Coffe Mug (Dunlap Tires Instant Win) (ARV $8.30)
Coupon for Keebler Cookies ( Keebler Instant Win) (ARV $3.50)

July 2005
2 Keebler Cookie Coupons (Keebler Instant Win) (ARV total $7.00)
$500.00 Gift Certificate for Kohls (Premiere Dress Your Dad Sweeps) (ARV $500.00)
Coupon for Free 20oz Bottle of Lipton Iced Tea (Lipton Sweeps) (ARV $1.29)
3 Boxes of Lipton Iced Tea To Go (Lipton Sweeps) (ARV total unknown)
Neutrogena Micro Mist Tanning Spray (Life and Style Beauty Giveaway) (ARV unknown)

August 2005
Pewter Guardian Angel Necklace (Monthly Serenitytreasures.com) (ARV $9.00)
Gatorade Sidelines Bottle (Gartorade Instant Win) (ARV $1.00)
Bacardi Silver Prize Pack (Instant Summer Sweeps Bacardi) (ARV $10.00)

September 2005
Gatorade Sidelines Bottle (Gartorade Instant Win) (ARV $1.00)

October 2005
Coupon for Take 5 Candy Bar (Hershey's Halloween 2005 Sweepstakes) (ARV .79)

November 2005
Sharpie Mini (Instant Win Sharpie Mini Game) (ARV unknown)
$10.00 Disneyshopping.com Gift Card (Visa Winville Holiday Instant Win Game)
Autographed Book Thou Shalt Not Dump The Skater Dude by Rosemary Graham (teenchicklit.com) (ARV unknown)

December 2005
FreshFace Foundation (Life & Style FreshFace Foundation Giveaway) (ARV $8.00)
Vasaline Intensive Care Hand Lotion (Vasiline Instant Win) (ARV $3.99)
Vasaline Intensive Care Hand Lotion (Vasiline Instant Win) (ARV $3.99)
Jane Magazine (Sample Size Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Scrub) (ARV $0.00)
512 MB Apple ipod Shuffle (Litehouse Foods It's Hip to Dip Sweeps) (ARV $99.00)
SouperStar Sunglasses (Campbell's Soup Hollywood Instant Win) (ARV $5.95)
$30.00 Gift Cert. to Amazon.com (Budget 101 Holiday Help Amazon.com Sweeps)
SouperStar Sunglasses (Campbell's Soup Hollywood Instant Win) (ARV $5.95)
Vasaline Intensive Care Hand Lotion (Vasiline Instant Win) (ARV $3.99)
Vasaline Intensive Care Hand Lotion (Vasiline Instant Win) (ARV $3.99)
Two Recipe Booklets (FunandFamily.com Instant Win) (ARV $2.00)
Barielle Instant Liquid Nail Hardener (Life & Style Barielle Giveaway) (ARV $14.00)

January 2006
Kenra Root Lifting Spray Sample (Kenra Sample Contest) (ARV $5.00)
Two Exercise Bands (Jamba Juice Instant Win) (ARV $7.00)

February 2006
Passport to Narnia Autograhped Book (Narnia Web Contest) (ARV $9.38)
Hair Care Kit by Body Wealth (Teen Mag Contest) (ARV $100.00)
7 alphabet toys, Alphamalisland (Huggies Cleanteam Instant Win) (ARV $12.00)
Healthy Choice Cookbook (Healthy Choice Instant Win) (ARV $7.00)

March 2006
Game Boy Micro System (Slim Jim Instant Win) (ARV $99.00)
2006 Olympic Winter Games Pin (Aveeno Winter Games Sweep) (ARV $5.00)
Shell Rotella Sweeps (Die Cast Rotella T Racing Truck) (ARV Freebie)

April 2006
Campus Ladies T-Shirt (Oxygen Campus Ladies Contest) (ARV $10.00)
14 Music CD's 3 t-shirts (Motown Records/Riot Zone Holiday Giveaway) (ARV $92.00)
7 alphabet toys, Alphamalisland (Huggies Cleanteam Instant Win) (ARV $12.00)
Yellowball Kit (Verbnow.com Instant Win) (ARV $20.00)

May 2006
$25.00 Visa Card (Harrah's Casino Instant Win) (ARV $25.00)
The Underdog Book (Country Living Sweeps) (ARV $12.95)

June 2006
Nothing, Nada, Ziltch

July 2006
Off Deep Woods Insect Repellent Towelett (Clean Home Journal) (ARV $0.05)
Nine vouchers for free Clorox products (Good Housekeeping) (ARV $30.00)
Winx Club “The Power of Dragon Fire” DVD (4Kids Great Gift Sweeps) (ARV $ 14.98)

August 2006
$100.00 Spa Finders Gift Certificate (Tetley Tea Spa Finder Sweeps) (ARV $100.00)

September 2006
Superman Returns EA video game (Quaker Oats Superman Instant Win) (ARV $19.82)

October 2006
Coca-Cola Zero Coupon (AOL Gold Rush Instant Win Game) (ARV $1.29)
Cold Stone Creamery Free Smoothie (1-800-Flowers Instant Win) (ARV $4.50)
Country Living Magazine (MSN Lifetyle Instant Win) (ARV $8.00)
V8 Splash T-Shirt (V8 Instant Win) (ARV $10.00)

November 2006
Coupon Totino's Mega Rolls (Totino's Pizza Rolls Instant Win) (ARV $4.43)
ConAgra Banquet product coupon (Banquet Instant Win) (ARV $7.99)
V8 Splash T-Shirt (V8 Instant Win) (ARV $10.00)
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes product coupon (Clorox Instant Win) (ARV $3.49)
$10.00 Gift Certificate to Alloy (Alloy Back to School Sweeps) (ARV $10.00)

December 2006
Fruit Tea Coupon (Techno Cool For You and Your School Sweeps) (ARV $1.83)

January 2007
Tom & Jerry Game Boy Advance Game (Kids WB Sweep) (ARV $29.99)
John Frieda Critical Care Deep Conditioner (Glamour Mag Sweep) (ARV $6.00)
Girls' Life Magazine (Soy Holiday Candle) (ARV $10.00)

February 2007
Violin E String (Strings Magazine) (ARV $2.75)
Arby's Gift Card (Fuel TV Sweeps) (ARV $3.00)
Atlanta Motor Speedway Nascar Magnet (Atlanta Speedway Instant Win) (ARV .40)
Patty Griffin Music CD Children Running Through (Lavender Magazine) (ARV $13.99)

March 2007
Mor Lip Gloss (Lucky Magazine) (ARV $10.00)
Feel Good Everyday Music Cd (Citrucel Instant Win) (ARV $10.00)
Tyrannosaurus skeleton puzzle ( Coke Night at the Museum) (ARV $15.00)

April 2007
Kenra Hot Spray (Kenra Sweeps) (ARV $5.00)
Hot Tamales ICE candy (Hot Tamales Instant Win) (ARV $.79)
Sephora gift card (Hey Peanut/eprize) (ARV $25.00)
Caribou Coffee silver Sigg thermos (Caribou Coffee Instant Win) (ARV $29.00)
Recipe binder (Gourmet Magazine) (ARV $15.00)

May 2007
Kenra Styling Lotion (Kenra) (ARV $5.00)
Hot Tamales ICE candy (Hot Tamales Instant Win) (ARV $.79)
VCam Now 2.0 digital video camera (Quaker Oats / Captain Crunch Instant Win) (ARV $79.99)

June 2007
Pair of walkie talkies (Lunchables Instant Win) (ARV $24.99)
Hot Tamales ICE candy (Hot Tamales Instant Win) (ARV $.79)
Cap'n Crunch soccer ball (Cap'n Crunch Instant Win(ARV $19.99)
ACDelco football (ACDelco Instant Win) (ARV $15.00)
Pedro Infante DVD, Paty Manterola CD and a utensil set (Maseca Instant Win)(ARV $25.00)
Fantastic 4 Movie Movie Poster (Slurpee Instant Win) (ARV $20.00)
NASCAR magnet (Exxon Mobile Instant Win) (ARV $8.55)

July 2007
Mike and Ike Candy (Mike & Ike Instant Win) (ARV $0.79)
Yu-Gi-Oh GX Mattel Battling Figures (KidsTV Back to Duel Sweeps)(ARV $31.96)
Mike and Ike Candy (Mike & Ike Instant Win) (ARV $0.79)
TV Wonder 650 tuner card (Advanced Micro Devices Instant Win)(ARV $120.00)
Dunstan Baby Language DVDs (baby.com)(ARV $49.99)
iTurbo portable iPod charger (Duracell Instant Win)(ARV $24.99)
$10.00 Wendys gift card (Copa American Wendys Sweeps)($10.00)

August 2007
UFC t-shirt (UFC Experience Instant Win Game)(ARV $20.00)
Garnier Custom CD (Garnier - Rock Your Style Instant Win Game)(ARV $4.00)
Sasquatch t-shirt (Jack Link's Sasquatch Instant Win)(ARV $25.00)
2GB iPod Nano and JBL On Stage II speaker system (Fresherized Foods Guacamole Sweepstakes)(ARV $300.00)
iQuest handheld (Captain Crunch Crunchatize Instant Win)(ARV $49.99)
$25.00 Check (Transitions Optical)(ARV $25.00)
TRIP FOR TWO TO MAUI HAWAII (Renewable Choice Energy - Make Earth Day Every Day Sweepstakes)(ARV $3500.00)

September 2007
B96 T-Shirt & Cup (Local Radio Station Sweeps)(ARV $9.99)
Wii (Lunchables Instant Win)(ARV $250.00)

October 2007
$25.00 Visa Gift Card (VISA NFL Instant Win)(ARV $25.00)
Sack of 20 White Castles (Local White Castle Scratch Card)(ARV $)
Paul Mitchell Hair Spray (Paul Mitchell Sweeps)(ARV $7.95)
Cartel CD (Epic Records Sweeps)(ARV $20.00)

November 2007
N.Y.C. tote bag & 28 products (Y.M. N.Y.C. Color Makeup Sweeps)(ARV $85.71)
Candle (Forget Me Not Candle Co. Monthly Contest)(ARV $9.50)
Hard Rock Park T-Shirt (Hard Rock Park S.C. Monthly Contest)(ARV $18.00)
6 Boxes Dreamfield Pasta & Good Housekeeping Pasta Cookbook (Good Housekeeping Sweeps)(ARV $30.00)

December 2007
Quick Slip styling cream (Paul Mitchell Sweeps)(ARV $5.95)
Christmas Stocking with toys (Local Cookies with Santa Drawing)(ARV $25.00)
Andy Airplane meets the Blue Angels (emomsathome.com Sweep)(ARV $15.00)
Bop a lots DVD (emomsathome.com)(ARV $20.00)
Mothers Bread (Sara Lee Instant Win)(ARV $3.00)

January 2008
Book-The Blue Door (reviewingtheevidence.com sweeps)(ARV $25.00)
$75.00 Gift Card to Fresh.com (Lucky Magazine Sweep)(ARV $75.00)
$50.00 Circuit City Gift Card (McAffe Triple Play Sweeps)(ARV $50.00)
OneTouch UltraMini Blood Glucose Monitoring System (LifeScan Sweeps)($19.99)

February 2008
Gift Basket of S.C. Johnson Products (Clean Home Journal Sweeps)(ARV $25.00)
Shiloh Falls DVD (Starpulse.com Sweeps)(ARV $15.49)
Cookout carryall (Kids Cook-Off Recipe Contest)(ARV $45.00)
Lovers, Dreams and Me CD (thestarscoop.com Sweeps)(ARV $11.95)

March 2008
Coupon for a box of Quaker Oats bars (Quaker Oats Sweeps)(ARV $3.69)
A Novel Idea Book (SimonsaysTEEN.com)(ARV $6.99)

April 2008
Goalrilla T-Shirt (Goalrilla.com Sweeps)(ARV $unknown)
Australian Lamb oven mitt (Austrailian Lamb Sweepstakes)(ARV $15.00)

May 2008
Scrubbing Bubbles Scrubber (Quick & Simple May Sweep)(ARV $9.00)
$50.00 (Taco Bell Baja Blast Instant Win)(ARV $50.00)
Pokemon Action Figure (Lunchmakers Second Chance Sweeps)(ARV $9.99)
Pokemon Action Figure (Lunchmakers Second Chance Sweeps)(ARV $9.99)
Blockbuster Free Movie Rental (Quicken Loans Instant Win)(ARV $3.99)
Enchanted Disney Phone Call (Disney Rewards Instant Win)(ARV $2.49)
Mothers Bread (Sara Lee Instant Win)(ARV $3.00)
Race Day Credential Holder (3M Nascar Instant Win)(ARV $1.10)

June 2008
Hanes Cotton Panty (Hanes Wedgie Free Wednesday Sweep)(ARV $2.00)
Fusion Soccer Ball (Gillette Champions Instant Win)(ARV $13.00)

July 2008

My Enemy's Cradle by Sara Young (Harcourt Books)(ARV $24)
Code for Get Smart Movie (Subway Get Smart Instant Win)(ARV $12.00)
Super Soaker (Schwan's Tony's Pizza Soak up the fun Instant Win)(ARV $9.99)
Myoplex Bar (Incredible Haulk Instant Win)(ARV $3.00)
$10.00 Itunes Gift Card (American Greetings Instant Win)(ARV $10.00)
Pedometer (Beewell Instant Win)(ARV $10.00)
Kodak EasyShare Printer 5300 All-in-One Printer (Contest was for winning a Gift for someone else. Mine was given to my Sister)(Mad Cropper's Random Act of Kindness)(ARV $149.99)

August 2008
Annie and Snowball Book (Simon & Schuster SimonSaysTEACH)(ARV $3.99)
Oust Air Sanitizer coupon (petfinder.com)(ARV $3.49)
That Baby DVD (Bloggy Giveaways - That Baby DVD Giveaway)($34.90)
RoC Correxion Moisturizer & Wrinkle Night Cream(Lucky Mag)(ARV $unk)
Ashtray (Marlboro Flavor Chase)(ARV $2.00)
$25.00 Build a Bear GC (The Full Mommy Giveaway)(ARV $25.00)
Hadda the Hippo Zoobie Pet (Metropolitan Mama Blog)(ARV $29.99)

September 2008
Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Piano (Enfamil Instant Win)(ARV $50.00)

October 2008
Miller Chill T-Shirts x 2 (Miller Chill Sweeps)(ARV $20.00)
$25.00 Master Card (Lipton Second Chance Drawing)(ARV $25.00)
Mountain Dew Cap (Mountain Dew Old School Sweeps)(ARV $10.00)

November 2008
2 Books David & Jesus (ChristianBooks.com)(ARV $50.00)
Book Christian Apologetics(ChristianBooks.com)(ARV $14.97)

December 2008
$20.00 Walmart GC (Walmart Survey Contest)(ARV $20.00)
NFL Bears Team Hat (Snickers NFL Instant Win)(ARV $28.00)
Baby Alive Learns to Potty (Ebay $1.00 Door Busters)(ARV $31.98)

January 2009
WordWorld DVD Lucky Duck (Lipstick to Crayons Blog)(ARV $9.99)
Flirting with Forty Book (thisbookforfree.com)(ARV $12.99)
$25.00 Gift Card to Burger King (Scholastic BK Sweepstakes)(ARV $25.00)

February 2009

Square Photo Charm Necklace (Lisa Reviews Blog Contest)(ARV $70.00)

March 2009

$50.00 Kmart Gift Card (Unknown Sweepstakes)($50.00)

April 2009

Nada, Zilch, Nothing
Lost my DSL so not able to enter sweepstakes for a couple months!!!

May 2009
Nada, Zilch, Nothing
Still no DSL, and it is too slow to enter using dial-up!

June 2010
Finally got Cable, so hopefully I will have some wins this month!

Took a year off and now I'm back !

June 2010

Year Subscription to Bloomberg Business Week Magazine (TeenFreeway.com French Manicure Set Sweeps)(ARV $24.00)
Be the Change Book (Goodreads.com)(ARV $32.90)
Two Roads Through Narnia Book (hollywoodjesus.com)(ARV $12.95)

July 2010

Yoga Gaiam Mat, carry case, water bottle & dvd (savings.com sweeps)(ARV $71.00)
Romper (Sheknows Sweeps)(ARV $54.00)

The Reapers are the Angels Book (Macmillan/St. Martin's Press Sweeps)(ARV $5.00)
Nightshade Book (Penguin Young Readers Group Sweeps)(ARV $5.00)

July 2011
Wow the year went by fast. I only entered a couple months then stopped. I had too much homework. I might try again and see how it goes. Wish me luck !
No wins for July

August 2011
Amazon 3G Kindle and Lighted Cover (Amazon Sweeptakes)(ARV $188.99)

September 2011

Fresh Flower Bouquet (California Fresh Flowers Facebook Sweep)(ARV Unk)
Prisma Lite Sprite (Time Out for Mommy Blog)(ARV $29.99)
Shrimp Council Logo Plastic Measuring Cup (Mama Report Blog)(ARV$0 Promotional Items)
Garfield Spooky Tales DVD (Simply Stacie Blog)(ARV $11.99)
Win Win DVD (quicktattletale blog)(ARV $18.49)
Step 2 Pin Pals Bowling Set (Jabbering Jessie Blog)(ARV $19.99)
Case Niagra Spray Starch (Mommy PR Blog)(ARV $9.70)
Coffee Talk Game (Sweeps4BLoggers Blog)(ARV $12.99)
Thera Breath Toothpaste and Mouthwash (A Mom From the Burbs Blog)(ARV $34.50)

October 2011
Nada, Nothing, None

November 2011
Nada, Nothing, None

December 2011
Hexbug Nano (Frosted Fingers Blog)(ARV $6.99)
Chuggington Ball (Chuggington Twitter Party)(ARV $5.00)
UGLee Pen (A Mom From the Burbs Blog)(ARV $4.50)
4th Street Candle Company Soy Candle (Mommy's Favorite Things Blog)(ARV $6.80)
]2 J3LL Watch (Country Mouse, City Mouse Blog)(ARV$30.00)
$25 Costco Gift Card (A Trucker's Wife in GA Blog)(ARV $25.00)
Rebel Girl Body Lotion & Spray & Lip Stain (Shop With Me Mama Blog)(ARV $52.95)
A Wedding Christmas Tail DVD (2 Kids and a Coupon Blog)(ARV $12.99)
Kidz Gear Wireless & Wired Headphones with Transmitter (A Mom's Take Blog)(ARV $60.00)
Construction Decorated Boy Triple Sock Set (Adventures From a Thrifty Mommy)(ARV $ 10.50)
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Scoop, Mini Plush, Apron, Book, 3 Ice Cream Coupons, Dessert Dishes (Mommy Mandy Blog)(ARV $ 50.00)
Kidorable Ballerina Umbrella (Mommy Digger Blog)(ARV $13.50)
Teleflora Graceful Glow Centerpiece (Wic Blog)(ARV $46.00)
Crayola Art Case, Crayon Tower, Jewelry Boutique, Glow Book (More 4 Mom's Buck Blog)(ARV $59.81)
Ice Age Christmas DVD (Mom and More Blog)(ARV $7.98)
Zippity Doo's Children Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioner, Gel, Shine Spray & Detangler (Deal Finder Dad Blog)(ARV $47.65)
Tropical Traditions Coconut Soap Tea Tree Bar and Lavender Bar Soap (Marlie and Me Blog)(ARV $11.00)
Green Toys Pizza Parlor (Mess for Less Blog)(ARV $19.16)
Kidorable Ballerina Umbrella (Mommy Digger Blog)(ARV $11.95)
TruKid Shampoo & Body Wash (The Denver Housewife Blog)(ARV $17.98)
Cool Gear 14 oz Pure water filtration bottle & 20 oz Chiller with Band Cup (Makobi Scribe Blog)(ARV $20.98)
Fellowes 69Cb Cross-Cut Shredder (Mama Buzz Blog)(ARV $169.99)
Easy Bake Ultimate Oven (Shop With Me Mama Blog)(ARV $39.88)
Mertado Coral Springs Home Plush blanket (Strange Daze Indeed Blog)(ARV $35.00) [b]
Clorox Wipes (3 Ps in a Pod Blog)(ARV $ unknown) Not Received
Flat Out Flat Bread Variety Pack of 9 (A Mom's Take Blog)(ARV $26.00)
Shenzhen Ceramic 6" Chef Knife (Life with Levi)(ARV $26.99)

January 2012
Kendall GelThotic Shoe Inserts (Deal Finder Dad Blog)(ARV $59.99)
3 kids Papercut books (Susan Heim on Parenting Blog)(ARV $20.97)
Perplexus Toy(Life According to Damaris Blog)(ARV $18.62)
NisimFAST Shampoo & conditioner (CoolCanucks Blog)(ARV $ 31.13)
My Memories Suite v3 (My Crafty Life Blog)(ARV $39.97)
StriVectin Tightening Face Serum & Neck Cream (Realbeauty.com)(ARV $178.00)
Chuggington Laptop (The Mommy Files Blog)(ARV $27.00)

February 2012
Battery Powered Peg Pergo Polaris Outlaw Pink ATV (Born 2 Impress Blog)(ARV $239.00)

March 2012 through December 2017
No Wins. I took a break from sweeping.

January 2018
$75 Olay Gift Certificate (The Real)(ARV $75.00)
Autographed Hat from Brooklyn & Bailey (Twist Magazine)(ARV $30.00)

February 2018

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WooHoo way to go and congrats to you on your great list of wins, now that you're back go win win win!

Wishing us all a wonderful winning weekend,

Donna P.
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Thanks !! Glad to be back sweeping, and especially glad to get back to winning. May we all win big !

My Winners List
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Congratulations!! on All of Your Wins
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