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Pregnant 10-Year-Old Leads To Molestation, Incest Charges For 3 Relatives
Two men were arrested Monday in Union City for their alleged involvement in the sexual molestation of a 10-year-old girl.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Marshal’s Service arrested Danny Lee Arnold, 19. His charges include child molestation, cruelty to children and sexual battery. GBI officers also arrested Danny's brother Thomas Marcus Arnold, 21, who faces the same charges in addition to aggravated sodomy.

The aunt of the two brothers, Lisa Arnold, 28, was arrested for incest after the GBI found evidence that indicated she had had sex with her two nephews. All three suspects reside in Union City.

The investigation began when the Department of Family and Children Services learned that the 10-year-old victim was pregnant. The victim has since had an abortion.

"A decision such as that one would be between the victim's family and medical professionals," said Danette Smith, spokeswoman for DFCS. Smith said her department's primary job is to maintain the privacy of the victim.

A DNA test was performed to determine which Arnold brother impregnated the girl.

After contacting the Newton County Sheriff's Office and the GBI on May 3, the officers determined that the incidents occurred in Union City, which is in Fulton County.

According to John Bankhead, spokesman for the GBI, the arresting officers received a tip that the Arnold brothers were at a church in Union City. They were arrested outside the church. Lisa Arnold was arrested in her Union City home. All three suspects were taken to Fulton County jail.

According to a GBI news release, the molestation had been ongoing for several years. The victim is in the care of relatives.

"I don't know if she'll ever be OK. Hopefully, the people caring for her now are giving her the love and support she needs," Bankhead said. "The effects of this will be tremendously traumatic and lifelong."

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Wow, poor child.Thank goodness abortion is still legal and she was not forced to carry the baby to term. Hopefully she is getting the help and therapy she needs.
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so they were cousins, a parent has to be careful about this as well, these nuts could be in your family tree
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Sick, sick people. Every damn one of them...

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Wow, this is so disturbing and sickening!

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