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are the My Coke Rewards contests legitimate?
Has anyone here ever won anything from it? Is it a type of contest where you have to buy sodas to find a code under the cap thing to collect points? I've never entered any of the My Coke Rewards sweeps, but I'm starting to pay more attention to it because the prizes are great.

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Yes, they are legit!
I think I've won more from the various Coke sweeps (mainly instants and especially the twist text sweeps) than I have from every other sponsor combined. Of course, I am a HUGE diet coke and coke zero addict, so collecting codes is a breeze for me. With that said, I haven't had a ton of luck with the current twist text sweep, but I think that's just because it's gotten so popular.

Keep trying and you'll eventually win a coke sweep, I'm sure.
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I've won many times. The instants you don't usually need a code to enter, you can do the alternate entry in the rules. We used to drink a lot of Coke and after about 3-4 years of saving points I was able to redeem them for a Costco membership a few months ago.
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Red face I personally know someone that won a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL
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Instants I've won, others I haven't. But it does not disuade me.
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One of My First "Big" Prizes...
More than 4 years ago was a small stereo system. Yeah, they're legit.
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legit they are. I have won a Guitar Hero 5 from one of their instant wins. But even with that being said, the coke sweeps have millions of entries and your odds are not very good. It would be better to collect the points and trade them in and use free entries for the instant wins. Enter the others if it's something you really want but just realize you're competing with more than the normal amount of people for that prize.

When life gives you sweepstakes, ENTER ENTER ENTER
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I've never won the big prize I have actually won a few small prizes from them so yes they are legit.

A company puts its name on the line when it offers contests. Coke doesn't want to be dragged through the dirt for not coming through.

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My 2016 Wins Please follow my blog I'm the Thrifty Maven be my friend on twitter
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I won a $1000 trip from them 2 yrs ago to the Bayou Classic football game in New Orleans. There was a mixup with the tickets/hotel room/etc, so they just gave me $1000 in VISA gift cards instead. Yea!!
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I've won a lot of gift cards from them in the last year, and I've saved points to get free items, too! I love my coke rewards!

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I won a $500 Visa card in their Dec. instant win game using a free code
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Love the Coke contests! I've won an XBox, video games, Best Buy cards, free pizza, Chilis gift card etc. Probably the company I've won from most consistently so they're definitely legit.
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I won about $400 in Mastercards in a promotion last year, six flags tickets, papa johns food, free cokes. I Love Coke Contests!! I have only had 2 problems in about 4 or 5 years and both were resolved very fast.

My favorite Coke instant still remains the coupons for several (like 7 or 8) free 2 liter bottles of coke.

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Very much so!

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