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Question Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing - what does this mean?

Might sound silly, I just don't understand.

I had a problem with an eBay item. It has been a CD that I wanted for awhile now, a collectible disc to add to the collection of 90 or so discs I own by the same band. The seller sent me a disc with incorrect artwork from another of the bands release & even that artwork was damaged. This was not described in the description.

the seller had put that in their listing. I already filed the Paypal item not as described, but they buyer won't pay return shipping, so I escalated to claim tonight. They had a return policy, refund within 7 days, buyer pays return shipping... but this sticks when the seller misrepresented an item? What are you experiences?

I just don't know what it means.

Before a certain person says something, 90 or so is not an exaggeration. Not all my discs are pictured as I have added a few since the picture was taken. & a couple weren't present.

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