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Be careful entering drop box sweepstakes
Last April, I took a trip to Las Vegas that I won from a sweepstakes. While I was in Vegas, I visited many casinos on The Srtip. Two casinos in particular (the Luxor and the Excalibur) had drop box sweepstakes in which a person could potentially win either $25,000, a 3 night trip to Vegas or you could win Criss Angels' corvette (he is a magician). I entered both drop box sweepstakes.

Now some 9 months later, I'm starting to get timeshare calls from entering those drop box sweepstakes. They have called two days in a row now around 7 p.m. (Eastern Time). The first call I recieved was from a woman and she said: "Congrats" you won a trip to Vegas and she told me that I had entered a drop box sweepstakes at the Luxor. It turned out to be a ridiculous timeshare deal. The woman told me that I would get a free 3 night hotel stay, 2 tickets to Criss Angels show...but the catch was that I would have to pay my airfare to Vegas and sit through a hour long presentation.

I'm very skittish about entering sweepstakes that individual casinos have anymore. I have been called before when I've entered a casino sweeptakes online even though I "opted-out" when entering.

Is it just me are casinos like 100x more likely to call you because you entered a sweepstakes than any other business/company?

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Yeah, those drop boxes are phony baloney. You see them in malls sometimes too.
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Originally Posted by venus_de_milo View Post
Yeah, those drop boxes are phony baloney. You see them in malls sometimes too.
I agree. Pass right by them.

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When I was a teen I worked as a telemarketer for a couple of local timeshares.This is where we got some of our call numbers. They usually go to the callers with the highest closing #s while the people not as good had to cold call out of a reverse white pages.
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bingo-we have a bingo!
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I pass on those all the time.
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Originally Posted by venus_de_milo View Post
Yeah, those drop boxes are phony baloney. You see them in malls sometimes too.
Yes, I agree that drop boxes that involve timeshares are "phony baloney" but I have won many good prizes from drop boxes at local stores. A computer from a local department store, a basketball goal from a local grocery store , a years supply of Coke (soda) from a local grocery store and a 26" LG flat screen tv from an HHGregg drop box contest. Drop boxes can give you a lot better odds since many people don't bother with them.

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I don't enter time share ones- however, I've got a LOT of great prizes from drop boxes!

Before my 'real' sweeping days- I'd enter at department stores frequently & won quite often, I've got a diamond ring I won, a perfume set that I won, multiple prizes SINCE being a 'real' sweeper...

Don't pass them by- but, DO check the sponsors. Be sure they are local sponsors or KNOWN sponsors. (That you know) and, if they are IN a business- check with the business on who the sponsor is. Radio stations leave boxes at various places alot. I had one I almost didn't enter when we went out of town, it was in a kids play place & 'looked' sketchy because it was one of those with bold letters, bright colors and yada, yada- it was sponsored I learned after asking, by the local town to drive tourism. Apparently, I'm not the winner- but, it was a $500 cash prize! VERY worth my while filling and dropping an entry! I had to ASK the place since they are solicting my children and myself WHO gets this box and entry? It's fine to ask- it's good to know WHO is getting MY information.

I don't like unattended boxes either. It's trouble waiting to happen.
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i dont mind getting on their lists. i got a 2 night trip to vegas out of one that included the airfare, i also got one that didnt (but we were already planning a trip there at the time anyway), and i also got a free 2 night trip with airfare to orlando.

and ive sat in on 2 local presentations and got $100 best buy card and a $100 amex card.

if the price is right, im always game. dont mind a few telemarketing calls.
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Two years ago I, my, daughter , my father and his wife went to Bush Gardens in Tampa, Florida and at the hotel we stayed in there was a drop box sweep for a cruise - we all filled one out (except my daughter) and the next day we all got calls saying we "won" a cruise LOL!

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