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I wouldn't feel guilty at all. Why? I guess it is a different mindset. Trying to guilt people into being nice never works anyway. If I win 10 grand and go have fun with it and give to people who need it that I know, does that make me a bad person? Of course not.You definitely can't guilt someone into sharing w/ you. If I won the lottery am I going to feel guilty because my family didn't buy a ticket? No, but I'd probably toss them a few bucks.
And, I don't think you are thinking about the people who just enter sweeps and leave-without getting involved in the forums- without making it into some dramatic issue-should they feel guilty for using a code?Or not sharing a sweep? If you contribute in whatever way you feel comfortable and your posts are generally fun to read, I could care less if you win 10 grand and I don't. Much less worry about why you submitted,when you submitted, blah blah.

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as stated...
Originally Posted by dlkk View Post
what does this mean? You don't like wins to be posted unless they are listed here? Not sure what you mean by not giving anyone else a chance.
I get annoyed- because they are NOT sharing with others... As one user stated... She wanted to win... Fine & Dandy- but, what about the REST of us that actually support this site by posting OUR finds & notes & junk so that people like this CAN win? It's just inconsiderate! Like I said- annoyed, nothing more... I sit silently & observe...

Sure, I don't mind 'ya getting excited if someone that actually entered themselves you know won- my mom has won, the older gal I do cpns with has won via mail ins... I get excited & Have posted sometimes- they entered THEMSELVES! I'm excited, mainly because I know I helped them to win, by dragging them into this lair... But, to read a note where you do it for them? So, basically- they didn't even care enough to spend that 5 seconds a day & YOU took it from a person that DOES care enough to give it to them? They had no time dreaming of winning, they didn't sit there looking at that screen HOPING it was them, they didn't even lose a breathe over it... Annoyed, nothing more.

Like I said- none of it matters to me. I'm not one of the folks that will call companies & report things or try to stick it to anyone, I just believe in Karma and assure myself that this will come back on them in the wrong way. I wasn't meant to win if it wasn't posted or I didn't find it and post it, it wasn't meant for ME to get the prize if someone that didn't even enter DID win that prize. Mine is the NEXT one I sit quietly and hope... And, in the end- it washes out. I'm happy if they are happy- if you sleep fine at nite & this is YOU, so be it. It's just not me- I like people here, I am an active participant here- thus, my reason for paying... I wouldn't pay if it wasn't the best & if it is missing it, I'll put it right up here!

* I should note as well- for those entering folks that won't... Sponsors, generally put these up TO attract attention and get the traffic on their products, gathering up interest... If they are getting 10,000 entrants- only 100 of which are actually ORIGINAL entrants, meaning they are 'new' faces to the page/products/business, then eventually- it will end the 'fun' for those of us that are original and unique entrants who DO actually look it over, read, talk it up and spend that time promoting for them... If I won Fine Living b/c someone entered FOR me- then, everyone wants to know who that sucker was & will they do the same for them? If I won it though- completely on my own- they wanna know ALL about Fine Living... What's it like? How do you do it? Where's the site? blah, blah... And they rush off to go look it up, buy the stuff, watch the shows, etc...
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