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Oh How I Love Publix!!
woo-hoo ... just received a letter in today's mail that included a $500 gift card to Publix supermarkets!!

Looks like I'll be enjoying some free groceries for a while.

I was a First Prize winner in the Publix/Unilever Personal Concierge Sweepstakes, a mail-in sweeps that was restricted to the 5 Southern states in which Publix operates.

Prizes included:

(1) $10,000
(50 $500 gift card
(60) $250 gift card

Entered a total of 36 times .... 33 for me and 3 for others. The sweeps ended way back on July 31, with the drawing conducted on 8/19 ... so it took a while to get the prizes mailed out.

That's ok 'cause it means there are lots of other already-closed sweeps that might be a potential winner.

Bring on the prizes!!

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Congratulations. Great win!

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WOW, CONGRATS on a great win
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I won this same one when I was in FL. Oh how I miss those Publix sweeps, I think I won about 4K all together from them.

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CongratZ on your win!

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Awesome! Congrats!!

What if the hokey pokey is what its all about?
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Congrats on your win. I love Publix sweeps too. They are great.
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i got one saturday

I only entered and hubby...thought it was a one x only.
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Very nice!!
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Congrats; but WWAAA, LOL. I hear so many nice things about Publix, but there isn't one around here. Seriously though, great win. Now go, and buy some yummy food!

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I know what you mean... I love Publix, too! Awesome win!!!
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R.I.P. Tony 1982-1992 Remembered and loved forever!
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That's a wonderful prize. I don't shop for groceries anywhere but Publix, and I'd rather win a Publix gift card than even cash.

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible. -- St. Thomas Aquinas
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Congrats on the nice win!
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