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I won a Harley Davidson Motorcycle but not a Car yet!!
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Thumbs up I've won!
Haven't won on this site yet, but I'm a newbie. Have been sweepstaking for 25 years. I've won 3 trips, a year's housecleaning & numerous smaller prizes all through my subscription to a sweeps newsletter. My success is due to being consistant & persistant. No car for me yet, except for a set of limited Hot Wheels. Hang in there and good luck!!
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Smile Car wins
I always enter contests for cars and cash and since I lost my job 2 weeks ago, I have entered every single contest on this site.

I have never won a car, but I always have high hopes that someday I will. The high hopes make the time I spend entering contests worth it.

Keep trying...!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I won a 2YR lease on a Corvette last year, but opted for 24k instead. In Jan. I won a Suzuki Aerio SX from Animal Planet along with a vacation to LA for a taping of the Jeff Corwin show.
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married/w kids
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Ok ,i Must Be Doing Something Wrong Because I Have'nt Won Anything, Any Winning Clues
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Originally Posted by married/w kids
Ok ,i Must Be Doing Something Wrong Because I Have'nt Won Anything, Any Winning Clues
Patience, luck, and persistence. Follow all the rules. The more sweeps you enter, the better your odds are of winning.
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O won a car too!
Originally Posted by motherogod
As you can see, I'm just a lil' ol' junior sweeper here, so I'm all naive and everything. Anyway, just wondering if anyone has really ever won a car? If so, do tell! Reading success stories on here makes me feel lucky! Too bad it can't make me feel younger...
I won a car when I was a newbie, it was unbelievably exciting!!!!! That pretty muched cinched my "career" as a sweeper. They're out there, even tho I've yet to win another vehicle, I've won lots of other nice things. P.S., the people who drive thouse product cars are driving advertisers. The company pays you, I believe, around $300.00 dollars a month (there was an article about them sometime back in the LA Times) and you have to commit to driving a mimimum amount of miles per month or you don,t get paid. The car "painting" (actually it's a type of auto shrink-wrap is paid for by the sponser. No, they are not prizes! Of course we sweeperes would naturally think that!

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