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Eprize, professionalism, and what to do?
I have been lucky enough to receive a number of wins from eprize over the last few years.
Currently I am waiting on three wins (premium or I'd list them) that ended months ago and are very far past the 8-10 week time period they tell us to wait for our prizes.
Some people have received their prizes for these contests, some haven't - there are a lot of irritated people who seem to be having the same problem.
For two of them I have emailed eprize twice each now and they will not respond to my email.
For the other they sent me an odd 3rd person email that said "since eprize did not give you a code to redeem your prize, the company who had the giveaway wants further inquiries to be directed to them. I have emailed the company twice and they will not respond either. I don't know if eprize ever HAD the code to give me or not, but they've passed the buck for sure.
Eprize is great sometimes - once I won a camera that broke and they promptly returned my email along with the receipt for the prize so I had proof of purchase and could use the warranty, but I am getting disheartened that they have no qualms just ignoring winners who are politely asking for an update on a prize.
I know when companies don't follow through in some cases the better business bureau can be contacted, or the attorney general in some cases, although I can't imagine that would be appropriate here, but ARE there any steps that can taken to make a company be more accountable? It just seems eprize has been getting worse and I don't even know if the people in charge of it know/care/could fix it. I feel futile and I think I just want to direct my energy into something productive I guess....
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I am waiting on 2 prizes from them as well. I sent an email a few weeks ago inquiring when I would receive the prizes since it was way past the normal 8-10 weeks time and have not received a response. I wonder if a written letter would be more effective but who should I address the letter to - the CEO maybe??

Maybe if a bunch of us who are having issues all write into the CEO something will be done? We can hope!!
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Red face Remeber that the squeaky wheel gets the oil!
Contact the sponsors immediately!
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I am waiting on a prize as well. I should have received it, according to the eprize email, 2 months ago.
I emailed them twice with no response and then emailed a third time and copied to the website that held the contest. At this point, I wouldn't care if they emailed and said there was an error and I hadn't won, just as long as they responded! It is very frustrating and I think sponsors should know because it makes them look bad as well.
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I am waiting on a Decemer win due two months ago. They confirmed my addy by email in January. Then someone named Eden contacted me, not an eprize return email return addy, though. Said prizes were delayed but look for them soon. Wrote her back early April, and "conveniently" the prizes were being mailed same week already. Told to look for it and if not received in 2 weeks, call. Hmm...just as expected, 2 weeks is about done, no prize.
It's a digital camera from the "Look for the UL" sweeps.
Gonna send a note tomorrow if not received, then going to the sponsor.
They lie, delay, ignore, promise, recant and blame. Has to be the worst company in the history of sweeping.
I gave up entering any of their sweeps months ago. I feel better for it but it's a shame. They are in charge of so many. I notice a few big companies no longer use them. When I see other companies employing them now, I usually write letting them know why I can't play their sweeps and how Eprize is messing it up for everyone. Maybe it makes a difference to a few of them, I don't know.
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the speakerbox speakers some of us won are eprize avr is 15.00 if it does not come not a real big loss eprize sure has mucked up lately hope you all get your prizes soon

Every entry is a potential Winner -
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They are completely hit and miss.....I won a $100 on an instant and received it two weeks later while the contest was still running...Other times the 8-10 weeks after sweeps closed...Still other times long after and I am still waiting for a $50 gift card from Oct. of 08...I have emailed and they did respond right away while saying they were overwhelmed on that particular sweeps....I may never get it and have resigned myself to the fact that some will never arrive.........I move on....

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Sorry bout that trouble, Sunrize but it is still YOUR prize and you are entitled to it. They were commissioned by a large company to do a job. That's what they get paid to do and so many people throw up their hands and give up.
Fifteen dollars or thousands of dollars...what they are holding does not belong to them and they are not fulfilling a LEGAL obligation to do so.
It's theivery, if you break it down and you cannot hold sweepstakes and not award prizes...period.
I'm gonna stick around and make sure I am a thorn in their side. Even if it's a 2 dolla yo yo, they are gonna follow through.
The sponsors keep busting their b***s and soon, other companies that deserve it will have Eprize's business. I already see that happening.
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ePrize sucks!

That's why I try to avoid all their sweeps!

As for contacting the sponsors, that's never worked for me!
The sponsor has always given me the same old story that
it's being checked into and once my informations been verified
my prize will be delivered........ it hasn't happened yet!!!

Save yourself a BIG headache and AVIOD EPRIZE sweeps!!!


*** Support Organ & Tissue Donation ***
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I agree with you joe...eprize does suck on suck and they should be avoided like anything. If you play their sweeps NOW, knowing their recent history, you have to expect the frustration.
Yet, with the sponsors, I have contacted two when prizes weren't received from Eprize.
In both instances I didn't hear a word back from the sponsors but I sure did get those prizes and I got em FAST.
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I had been waiting on a $400 prize for 8 months and it was supposed to be delivered within 8-10 weeks. I emailed ePrize about every 6 weeks to check on the status. The last communication I got from them was the first week in January and they said if I didn't already have my prize I would have it within one week, at latest two. Waited two more months and still no prize. They then stopped responding to my emails. I got fed up with them and emailed the sponsor directly and told them how ludicrous this was becoming, we're talking 8 months and I wasn't going to just let this one go. I told them what a bad rep they were getting online b/c everyone who wins from them has to wait months on end for their prize, this happens every time they run a sweepstakes. I told them ePrize was no longer responding to my emails and how extremely disappointed I am with both them and ePrize. I don't know if it's coincidence or not but I had my prize within 4 days of emailing the sponsor. They sent it FedEx and I got it last Saturday. I know they forwarded my email to ePrize b/c ePrize ended up emailing me and forwarded me a copy of the email that the sponsor had forwarded to them. I really hated going directly to the sponsor but I was just fed up with getting the run around.

On a positive note, I won a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit two weeks ago and it was delivered yesterday. It was also supposed to take 8-10 weeks. I couldn't believe how fast I received that prize. ePrize was also handling that one. I have won numerous ePrize sweeps and normally do not encounter any problems with them. This was the first time I've ever had to wait 8 months for any prize and the first time ePrize totally blew me off and didn't respond to my emails. In the past I have always been happy with them.

PM me for a LOCKERZ invite. Earn points for awesome prizes. Marc Jacobs handbag for 350 pts, iPod for 300 pts.
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Lightbulb wow
I thought I was the only one that had trouble with them. Even when they sent my prize, they sent it to my neighbor 2 doors over. I had to bang on her door to get it back from her.. after mucho detective work on my part just to find out where it went.
Then the win after that, they did NOT put my apt number on it and luckily the guy at the office told the ups where to drop it off at... wonder why they have such incompetent people working there. And yes I thought that maybe they keep the prizes themselves and think no one would know.
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