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Anyone receive certified mail notification of a win first part of January?
I was reading the other threads on this forum and I see where multiple people get certified mail notifications of wins from whatever sweepstakes it pertains to. I was wondering if there were those on here who were notified by certified mail the first week of January, if you can even remember? I might have missed out on something. I will always be wondering about this. I could handle it better if it were a "smaller" win as opposed to a BIG win like several thousand dollars or such.
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ive never recd a certified mail notification in 20 months of sweeping. they either come by email or overnight.
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I've gotten a few certified mail notices in the last year, but nothing the first week of January. Hope something great comes your way soon!

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Is this in reference to the other thread where you inquired about the possibility of receiving notification via a different method following the certified letter notification?

If you received a notice of a certified letter, you would have been given instructions on how/where to go pick it up or instructions saying that it would be redelivered.
Did you receive a "slip" in your mailbox indicating that you had a certified letter that you needed to sign for?
If so, did you follow those instructions?
If not, how do you know you had a certified letter?
I guess I'm just confused about your questions in this and the other thread. But that's OK...I stay confused alot.....LOL

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I just received one of those Kmart gift cards via certified mail, which is the first of many, many hundreds of wins ever to come to me that way in 6 years of sweeping. I wouldn't worry too much about having missed a win.

I know I was chewing my nails and all nervous wondering what the heck I was getting certified mail about, and I was very pleasantly surprised and relieved to find it was a win, so my advice to you is not to obsess over something you can't change, and in the future, just pick up your certified mail and deal with it, whatever it is.
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I missed something in January. I had just had a baby and a lot going on at the time. I had tried to get it later, but too late.
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