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Sending thank you letters to sponsors
At what ARV level do you send a thank you letter to the sponsor of a sweep when you are a winner? I have tried to send a thank you to all sponsors when I win any prize valued $100 or more ARV. Now I was thinking I should send a thank you for prize wins as low as $50. What do you do?
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On smaller prizes, I send emails. It is hard to know who gets the thank you notes, period,
When I came back from a trip win to San Francisco, the woman at CNN (TruTV) and the trip coordinator both got flower deliveries. They were too awesome for words.
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i have only won one larger prize a MACBOOK i called the company to thank them and sent an email if and when i WIN a HOF PRIZE I WOULD DEFINATELY DO MORE small prizes if i get an email i email my ty

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I send a free ecard for every win, no matter the size. It's five minutes of my time and is greatly appreciated on the other end.
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