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Walmart™ $1000 Gift Card Confirmation #741896z-741r‏ is this a fake?
Is this a real email or if I click on it will it infect my computer?

Walmart™ $1000 Gift Card Confirmation #741896z-741r‏
From: Walmart Customer Service (LenardQuick@husis.meliphagan.net)
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe
Sent: Fri 12/19/08 1:02 PM
To: peanut1232_backups@hotmail.com

Dear peanut1232_backups@hotmail.com,You have been chosen to recieve a $1000 Walmart Shopping Card. http://www.ultragaseous.net/walmart/ Thank You,Customer Service Center #741506#896

I'm questioning because first receive isn't spelled right and I don't recall entering a sweep from walmart. I'm a newbie here so not sure what the email should say if it was legit.

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fake sorry
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Agreed- it is a fake...a marketing come on...
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I get those every day it seems like. You will start to also probably.
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Yep a fake. I get those emails all the time.
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A Walmart Customer Service rep would not be sending an email from the domain husis.meliphagan.net.
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YUp a mail. If you are sweeping now be prepared to receive a lot of 'ofers' like that. Disapointing at first and then you will get used to it.


I am not Rocky . I am ~JEWEL~
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The from address - LenardQuick@husis.meliphagan.net is definitely not a walmart or fulfillment company email address.

The link in the email http://www.ultragaseous.net/walmart/ is certainly not legit. Ultragaseous - what the heck is that about??
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Cool Need to be careful (but then I'm hoping you already know this)...
In most cases, ALL they want is for you to go to their site to "see what is going on".

Once you are there, their webpage will be loaded with a whole series of different "exploits" to try and take over your PC -- again, in most cases, things that Microsoft and anti-virus companies know about, but that YOUR system is still vulnerable to if you haven't applied all the security update patchs that Microsoft issues.

There are quite a few things that can "bite" just by going to their website -- gods forbid that you should CLICK anything while you're there -- ANYthing at all. Don't do it. Don't even GO there.

A lot of people seem to like web-based email, since they can retrieve their messages from anywhere -- the problem is, most browser-based email retrieval doesn't have any option to allow you to "preview" the message without actually opening it up.

In Outlook Express, for example, you can right-click and then click "Properties" of an email message, and take a look at its header information and a text-based window into its contents. But anything which actually executes the HTML code in an email message leaves you completely vulnerable to a LOT of stuff.
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I've also seen one come from Applebees that's kind of the same thing.

There's a great website where you can check on these things - it's www.snopes.com

Best wishes.
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These guys are cheesing me off...I got 3 of them yesterday as well as some other fake wins from another similar meliphagen email, then several today. I'm pretty mad at whatever I entered this week that gave my email to this spammer.
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I get dozens of these a day, variations on that theme.
Each time I have had a legitimate win, the person who contacted me by email identified themselves very clearly, and mentioned the contest involved. If a response was needed, it was an email reply, not a website link.

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