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anybody know what happened to ezsweeps. it just vanished.
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Noticed that yesterday...did it just happen?

Searched here (no mention) and in google and google news. Might be a temporary glitch, or ? Their number of listed sweepstakes (esp. the daily ones that they sponsored themselves) has dropped precipitously over the last couple months.
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I think they have gone bye bye
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I hadn't been there in YEARS==I used to go before I found OLS. I went there just now; it's there, and I logged in.

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I still go there every day. I noticed about 3 days ago that the site was no longer up. No biggie, as I never won much from them. Oh well.
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back online
they returned online today
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Question old account sees zero or few sweeps/new account sees several!
I noticed that no new sweeps were being added for nearly a month round the same time you guys wrote in on this forum, I also thought maybe they were going away. Then one day I went to check for new sweeps and a page of new sweeps showed up. I applied to a couple of sweeps but when I went back a few minutes later to choose more they were NO LONGER VISIBLE. (I wrote to EZSWEEPS, never heard back).

I tried logging out & back in and noticed it was showing sweeps as available if you registered. but once I logged in with my current account they would not show up.

So, I created a 2nd account and Voila! a ton of sweeps to enter appeared!!
When I logged back in with my older account... those same sweeps are NOT VISIBLE!

It is really strange. I tried emailing them to ask if they were having problems.

Currently (April '09). When I log in with my old account I can see NO sweeps in the "lucky's sweeps" page and maybe 10 new sweeps in the Manual sweeps page.
However if I log in with the 2nd account I created, then there's 1-2 sweeps on teh Lucky sweeps page and a TON of sweeps to enter on the Manual sweeps page!!

So I use my frist account that I've had for about 8 years and then log in with the 2nd account to see what else is up that for some reason my 1rst account can't see.

It is really weird! It's like they hate my old account and won't let that one see half of the sweeps on their site!

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