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Metal Detector
has anyone EVER won from Lost Treasure?

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Good question!! I love to know too.

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No..but would lOOOOvvvvve to, my son and husband (guess whole family) we having getting into gem and mineral hunting....even have a facet machine. Enter everyone I can..

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No - but I enter it every time!! I am single and have nothing to do all the time. I want to win one so I can exercise and get out and meet people!!
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I've never heard of a winner, but would love to win one!

Somewhere along the line of entering sweeps, I signed up for a metal detector newsletter. They send one out every month or so. They always feature a story about someone that made a great find with their metal detector. Gold and diamond rings, old coins worth thousands of dollars, bars of silver, cival war buttons, etc. I think it would be a relaxing and profitable hobby......much like sweeping!

Good luck, everyone!
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nope, but would luv to!!
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Yes, I got one of my friends at work to do some sweeping and guess what, She won from there. This was like 3 years ago. So yes you win there.
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no i havent. but i havent even had my first win yet.....sigh.

but... I have 3 metal detectors and two of them i found at a thrift store and a garage sale. so keep your eyes peeled because people get rid of them all the time!

also, you can find them on your local craigslist, sometimes for REALLY cheap. for good brands. I found a few on mine just checking around for about $30-50. the one that i bought at full price was $120 and the thrift store/Gsale ones were both around $10 and $20. so you can find em cheap. maybe if you win a cash prize

My wins: http://forums.online-sweepstakes.com...d.php?t=744492

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