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Best time for instant wins??
I was just wondering if anyone has noticed a "best" time to play
the instant win games? Or diffrent times for diffrent ones?
From my experience I have noticed that I seem to have better luck
in the 3-6am time frame.

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I also play in those hours and I never ever win. You must be lucky!
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LOL-I used to have a lot of luck during those hours as well. Lately however,I haven't won anything on an instant win. Honestly though,it is so random that you never really know. A few months ago,when I was still winning an instant or two now and then,I won some around 6 a.m.,some around noon and some around 4 p.m. and some around 6 p.m.,so I guess you just never know.

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It is not always random, and in fact the majority of the grand prizes are set to be awarded in the last couple of days in instant win sweeps. This is so interest in the sweep does not fall sharply because someone won the grand prize the first day and there are only little prizes left, or none at all.

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apparently.......NEVER.........for me anyways!!!

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Whenever someone asks this question I always point out this thread


for insight
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THANKS, KB! I like having threads "pointed out." Very helpful.
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I have had instant wins at all times of the day but I have had the best luck between 9 and 10 am.
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I think it depends on the sweeps - I really do. Some you just don't win at certain times and others you do.
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