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Question My car has been taken over by bees
I have 6 bee's nest in my car! How can I get rid of them?? I drive my car about once a week, so my car has become their home. I have a nest in my gas tank door area, inside both doors, under my hood, and inside both rearview mirrors. The one day my car is moved, as soon as I arrive back, I see the bees swarming my car...entering their ''home''. I'm afraid they will build a nest inside. I want them gone!!

Any help would be appreciated.
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I have no idea unless you call a local beekeeper or exterminator. I would rather you call the beekeepers because I heard that bees are becoming more scarce so we should try to preserve them.
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Damn the poster above is right, I would normally say blast them with poison but now I don't know what to do I imagine they will keep coming back. Good luck, sound like a horror movie in the making.

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or wasps? or hornets? or yellowjackets? or ??

HONEYbees are endangered. Those pests above are not. Can you be more specific?

I'd get the RealKill unless it was a new "hive" for producing honey. THEN I'd be looking for a beekeeper to see if they'd take them off my hands.

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I would wait until evening when they are sure to be back in their hives and then I would spray the heck out of them. In the morning, I would check the nests and remove them (assuming the bees are dead).
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Doesn't sound like honeybees to me ... not with 6 nests;
You would have to have 6 queens for that.

Probably wasps - it's the season for wasp nest building.
(yellow jackets & hornets are also wasps)

SPRAY THEM! They are dangerous!

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Yes, wait until late evening and then spray the nests. That way you'll kill the most bees.
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spray spray spray....the sprays that are out now have the 20 or 25 foot you'll be able to stand at least 10 feet or more away when you're spraying.
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Wait until night time when they are asleep and spray. I mowed over a nest in the ground last year and was attacked by 7 yellow jackets. I had to pry them off of my body. What a horrible experience. Good luck!

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I concur with most of the posters. I had wasps building a nest "inside" the backside of my driver's door mirror. I could not figure out how to get rid of it, because most of the poisons will damage paint on vehicles I was told. Anyhow when I moved from Texas to California...the wasps went missing finally. Check BEFORE you spray your vehicle that whatever poison you are using is safe for your paint and next to your gas tank, etc.

We had bees move into our trees and attic one time. We did call a local beekeeper and he came out and rounded up the bees and took them away.

I hope whatever the issue, you get rid of it soon. Blessings to you!

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How scary....I suggest just buying a new car!! I hate bees!
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oh - you could also "bomb" the inside.....maybe. get them from the inside as you spray the outside. I don't know if that would work, but I suspect from your post that these fellas are not something you want to mess around with . Give them a solid punch.
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Sounds more like wasps to me too. You can get rid of them by using a a can of spray especially for wasps and hornets that you can spray from a distance.
Is this what they look like? The wasps can be all black or brown in color too.
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It's that time of year for wasps and I just had to disable a nest over my backdoor. I just used Lysol spray cleaner.The lemon scented one. It's got a great spray on it and if you douche the wasp good enough it usually kills it or the nest. You need to do something soon because those nests are going to hatch. Spray and run like hell!

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It does sound like wasps. Do it early in the morning before they're active.
For your rear view mirrors, you can cover them with bread bags and then spray the wasp spray inside the bag and seal it up before they fly out.
Be careful.
Afterbite or vinegar and cottonballs is good to have on hand in case you get stung.

w T I <3 OLS!
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