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Suggestion Add a "Local Sweeps" Option or Search
Pardon my ignorance, but I just found out that "Local Sweeps" (sweepstakes with fewer than 5 states) not only do not show up in the "Current Sweeps" but cannot even be found by searching for them (http://forums.online-sweepstakes.com...=1#post7360962). So, here are two suggestions for a future feature:

1.) In the Search window, create a "Search Current Local Sweeps" option that allows us to put in the state as the search term.

2.) Give us the option under our User controls, "Show Local Sweeps". You then select your state and any applicable Local Sweeps will appear when you look at the "Current Sweeps". Thus, someone in Florida would see a slightly different list than I would. You might even denote the difference with a different color check/un-check icon (maybe blue) so you knew by looking it was a local.

We already have a variety of controls tied to our names and membership levels. If it is too difficult to roll this out to everyone, how about adding it as another feature for Premium subscribers?

My point is, I do not have the time to crawl the Local sweeps all the time (why do i want to see what sweeps are only open to Texans). And unless I happen to be logged on just when they are added, I can neither see them nor search for them by my state using the search tool.
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Originally Posted by Conan_Librarian View Post
1.) In the Search window, create a "Search Current Local Sweeps" option that allows us to put in the state as the search term.
You're already able to do this. Do an advanced search for the name of your state in the local sweeps thread.
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You can also subscribe to the snail mail forum, as well as the local, phone in, and walk in subforums.
I have done that since I've been here. I have it set for "digest", so I get one email each day, if anything new is posted. Most of the time, the state eligibility requirements are listed in the title of the thread, so I can very easily scan over my daily digest to see if there is anything posted pertaining to my area.

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