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Any OTs out there??
Please Help! Does anyone know the proper use and guidelines for a Rifkin chair? I have tried looking it up on the internet and can't get any information? What type of special needs person was this chair intended for? Needless to say someone has been using it with my son at school and it is not on his IEP and of course I have been told he doesn't qualify for OT services - please help -- links????? anything?????
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I googled "Rifkin chair", and Found this.

" updated Sofia's word list. She's got more than 100 signs and 40 verbals! Woohoo! She's so funny. She likes to use PlayDoh. The Developmental Specialist always has her use the Rifkin Chair (ok, I could not find a link TO a Rifkin Chair, but here is a similar chair. I did, however, find all sorts of links about kids with Autism being put into Rifkin chairs as punishment! That surprised me - Sofia loves to use her chair!). Anyway, so whenever Sofia wants to use PlayDoh, she says "roll-roll" and then climbs into her chair! She looks like such a big girl. When J first gave the chair to us, more than a year ago, she was so tiny, I couldn't imagine her using it. Now, it's just great for her. Thanks, J! (I'll get a photo up here soon)"

I don't know what it means, or what it is, but I hope it helps. I think this is someones blog, but I'm not even sure about that.

Here's the link http://fbfrothkopf.blogspot.com/2007...ecking-in.html
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My daughter is autistic. I'm not sure of the guidelines for use of the Rifkin chair, but my daughter has used one at school. They use it for her during circle time and snack, so that she wouldn't run off since it has a seat belt. My daughter loved it, climbed in and belted herself in, I think she feels more secure.
We have a booster with a belt at home which is kind of the same idea. I was getting tired of running after her during meals and activities. It worked for her since she can sit in a regular chair or her booster now without any seat belt or anything.

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Here's a link from the artical I quoted, it says this is a similar chair.

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Here's what I could find:
"These chairs are called Rivkin chairs. They are designed for kids with issues actually sitting up straight. It's related to sensory issues for some. Ask the OT to explain. Also, if you think this is not appropriate for your child, ask that an IEP meeting be convened so that the IEP can reflect NO RIFKIN CHAIR. It is not supposed to be used to get the child used to sitting still. It's supposed to be used for kids who drift off the sides of their seats without it due to sensory or muscle issues. In any event, get the use of it EXPLAINED, preferably in writing. Or google Rifkin seat."

From that page and the picture by Ginne, I think it would depend on the kid whether or not it is an appropiate help or a punishment.

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