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TiffanyLane - there have been NO small babies or small children permitted in the Hershey sessions. I do not know where you got that from.

As Aimee said, do not compare our "mini" convention to any of the other conventions you have ever attended. I designed and created this one unique to what our own goals were. We call it "mini" for a reason --- I can assure everyone that I am severly limited on space and have approx. 100 seats left as of today, which will be filled with adults.

Thank you.
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Didnt realize a simple question asking about child care would cause so much of an issue.

Im sure Erica would like to take advantage of going with her child and was asking:

1. if anyone knew of any child care options in the area

2. If maybe someone was going to the enjoy the Hershey area with other family members
who might be interested in sitting while the seminars, etc are going on.

Im sure she will stay away now.....
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Clarification of my question---I was not asking about bringing her into the convention, nor would I ever suggest to start allowing children into the convention, but what I was hoping for was someone who might know of a hotel in the area that offers childcare, or maybe someone that has a family member in the area that babysits. I figured if anybody would know of an option it would be the people on this forum! So please do not misconstrue my question with thinking that I want to bring her into the seminars. I would just rather not leave her all the way back in Georgia.

'A child changes the way you see the world'
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Maybe at the Hotel Hershey?? I think that it is only about 30 minutes from Grantville but that depends on who is driving. They might offer some services for kids...

BTW your baby is a cutie

Wishing you many wins
Aimee NY

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Wow I didn't need flaming Caran
I just stated most other conventions I had been too allowed children. I am leaving this thread. I have never been to a sweeping convention. I am sorry I even made a statement. I will keep to myself for most of the time from now on.
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For the above posting is why I am constantly posting for you to come to me directly with your questions regarding Hershey. I am not too busy that I can't stop and answer your questions for you. I also spend countless hours gathering materials for Rob to post on our own website so that you are informed of what is going on for the weekend. I do not monitor these forums and someone is going to pick up some incorrect information somewhere along the line.

We do have guidelines and rules for our convention, and some may not always agree with them, but it is what helps us to keep the integrety and high standards that we put into the weekend.

I will now turn my attention to moving along with the planning of the weekend. Thanks for your understanding.

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