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Man, somebunny needs a vacation.

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Stopped after I listed to the gooey baby version part.... oh my! Hope they didn't advertise for children to call this number!

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OMG Put a warning that this is not kid friendly!! I had it on speaker thinking it was like the Santa call in where you go to talk to santa. thankfully I can click off speaker pretty fast. Unfortunally it took me a minute before I relized this was not for kids.

( rofl) now i can laugh now that the kids are out of the room.
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Originally Posted by diantha View Post
215 is a pa exchange right? haven't listened yet. if the easter bunny is an iggles fan he/she needs help. oooooohhh is my giant's fan showing?
Yeah, it's a Philly exchange I think

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Glad i read this thread before i had my kids call, i called them in the room and said lets call the Easter bunny, then i read further and so oh we better not bother him hes really busy! LOL
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I tried calling but nothing happens! No ringing or anything - oh well... from what I read here maybe it's a good thing?

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That bunny certainly seems like he passed sex ed in school.

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For those that have not heard of yet that call is by rejection hotline. Many years ago they set up site and when you go out and you do not want to give out your phone # you give out the phone # from site. They have added a llot more stuff. Mainly site for adults only but definately worth checking out. Newsletter (March 2008) - In this issue:

1) The Easter Bunny's Cell Phone (215-475-5083)
2) April Fool's Day Assistance (you create the prank, we provide the number 781-452-0842)
3) Other potentially useful April Fool's Day numbers

1) The Easter Bunny's Cell Phone: 215-475-5083 [Warning: NOT intended for young kids!]

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