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PCH entries.. how many??
I tried Publisher's Clearing House again.. not worried about their spam with the e-mail addy I used.. it already gets spam..

The question I have is how many times do you have to enter??

I keep getting e-mails from them to "confirm" my entry.. etc.. I close the browser after it says my entry was processed and dumps me to some other website. But do I need to keep doing this or should my initial entry work?

42 cents to enter is so much easier, but they don't mail out anymore!! At least not to me!!
(Yes, I put the $ of the increase)..

Does anybody else keep answering their e-mails to put in entries or are you just ignoring them and taking for granted that the first entry is all you need??

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I often ask myself that. I have no clue why but I send them all in........I am a sucker for the dream that the prize patrol will one day bring me balloons and a great big check. lol
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I've got about 20 bazillion entries in so far... some by mail, most by internet.
Hopefully I'll at least with the $100 for my initials. $5,000 a week for life would rock.

w T I <3 OLS!
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Tons of PCH promotions out there
PCH never sleeps or so it seems. They have several promotions per year and some run for more than one year. I do know they are planning to give the $5000 a week for life out at the end of the month.... or so they say they will "IF" the winning entry is returned...

I enter via the site every day, plus I do a Blingo search which now has ties to PCH so that your first search of the day equals an entry.

I get the mailers, but I do buy from them once or twice a year. They carry tons of junk but of late they carry a bunch of those "As seen on TV" items. So if I am thinking of buying one of those I just choose to buy it via PCH. I am not certain that is the reason I get some via snail mail - just that I do.

GLTA - People do win - Hope one of us OLS'ers gets the big one!!

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Was just reading this thread when I checked my e-mail and had one from PCH. I entered.
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I never get any email from pch and I enter every day. I am sure I unchecked the box on the first page to not receive confirmation or other emails from them.
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Yes, your initial daily entry is working and is all you need to do. The extra emails are just to try to get you to order stuff.

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