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Is DirectBuy a scam?
I always wondered is DirectBuy a scam? I've read countless stories online in which many people who show up at their local DirectBuy show room are requried to pay $5,000 or they won't be allowed to be part of DirectBuy ever again...is this true? That sounds like one hefty fee just to save a little bit of money on furniture. From what I read online, most people actual say that DirectBuy's products are actually more expensive then buying the furniture/appliances from well-know retail stores (and less quality). I see their commericials all the time. I think now I have much as respect for them as I do Rent-A-Center. Rent-A-Center is a differnet story altogether...like knocking on peoples doors and threatening them with arrest for missing one payment and even telling their neighbors that they owe money to Rent-A-Center (it's against federal law to do this). The most they can do is either send you a invoice, call or you or in rare circumstances take you to civil court.
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What I
have heard is that there stuff is usually discontinued stuff and slot of the stuff they have in the catalogs are not available. Haven't heard anything good about them - but I haven't had any dealings with them - I'd like to know the real scoop too.

I voted for "that one"
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From what I have heard, in order to benefit from DirectBuy, you would have to be in the market to buy a large amount of products from them - like for instance if you were renovating your whole house. If you are not, then it is not a good idea. I personally would not get involved - I just don't get a good 'vibe' from them.

As far as Rent-A-Centers go, I believe that they can actually come in and take the item back from you. These types of places usually have UCC liens on the property itself which allows them to repossess the item.
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Thumbs down One of the major problems is this......and it's a simple one however, costly!
SHIPPING! Do you know how much it cost to ship something..............A great deal! and what if what you receive has damage. It's one problem after another. In my book and DH likes to say in his MOB VOICE.........forgetaboutit!
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Exclamation Ripoff Reports......


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Oooo, I had an awful experience with these ppl. A few years ago my husband and I went to a Home & Garden show and put our names on the list to "win" a big screen tv. These ppl hounded me almost on a daily basis to set an appt. to come into their "showroom". I did a google search on them and what I found was awful.

When the lady called back, and I knew she would.. I told her to never , ever call my home again.

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