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Wink Woman's Day "Dream Big" Grand Prize Winner
This was a very special win, as I really wanted to know the meaning of my dream. It will be published soon.

"First prize is a dream interpretation session with Kelly and a two-night stay in New York City's Dream Hotel."

Instead of accepting the prize, I want to donate the hotel room to parents of kids who have to fly to NYC hospitals, so they have a place to stay while going through treatment with their children. Does anyone out there know how I might go about donating? Does Ronald McDonald House handle this kind of thing? Rooms for Hope? Any advice would be appreciated.

Break a leg on your big dreams, everyone!

Sarabou (mar vista, ca)

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I can't give you any advice but that is a wondeful thing you want to do.

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Careful. We don't want to learn from this. ~ Calvin & Hobbes
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How nice! Congrats on a great win, and a great gift.

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Congrats on the win. That was a very nice gesture offering the hotel room up for someone who really needs it.<----- Join WINZY and win with me!
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I have no idea how to go about donating the room - that is the sweetest thing! Congratulations on your nice win!!

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Wow that is one impressive win....congrats on having a great essay....I look forward to reading it!!
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Congrats.You may need to read the rules...#10 may not be able to do what you want without their permission.Good luck!
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Nice of you to donate the hotel stay.
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<a href=""><img src="" alt="Image provided by"></a><br /><a style="padding:1px;background:#FFF;color:#000080;font-family:tahoma;font-size:9px;text-decoration:none;border:1px double #00ADEF" href="" target="_blank">More Funny Myspace Comments</a>

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Aww, bless your heart. This world needs more ppl like you.

You have truly made my heart smile today. God Bless and may you be as richly rewarded as you bless others.

Congrats on your wonderful win!!

PS. Do a Cancer Donation Research on Google & other search engines. You are guaranteed to find something on there.

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Congrats and that is so kind of you. I wish i could help but i would start with what you stated and go from there hell maybe contact the news!
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Congratulations! Hope they let you donate the room.
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Why don't you consider contacting your local Make-A-Wish foundation? They run entirely on donations and I'll bet there's a wish that could use the lodging! (You're a sweetheart!)
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