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Cool Car Cold Cash Sweepstakes?
I received a call today regarding a "Cool Car Cold Cash" entry. Honestly, I don't remember entering anything. The caller stated that they mailed paperwork, but haven't heard back. Does this sound legit? I called back and left a message.
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hopefully it is cash!
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Do you enter the Kool sweepstakes for smokers? I still couldn't find this exact name but there was just one from Kool for either a car or cash, I believe.

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Have not seen this one. I hope you won!
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could be one of these.

Prizes (7):
Mew Mew Cool Cash-$100.
Winx Cool Cash-$125.
Sonic X Cool Cash-$150.
DoReMi Cool Cash-$175.
TMNT Cool Cash-$200.
One Piece Cool Cash-$225.
Shaman King Cool Cash-$250.
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Here's one link to the Easter Seals contest


Here's another possibility on iWon.com


Hope this helps??
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