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Ever get shaky after not eating for a few hours?
Lately I'll be kind of busy and will skip a meal because I'm running errands or something and can't eat. Occassionally I'll start to feel a little shaky and my heart seems to beat faster than normal. I always assumed this was normal, and it was just because I haven't eatten and thats my bodies way of saying feed me.

I've mentioned this to 2 different people and they've both said the same thing: asked if I was diabetic and said I might be hypoglycemic? (I forget the word she used, so I may be wrong.)

Anyway I always thought this happened to everybody but as I began talking to two different ladies and then to my husband they all said it doesn't happen to them, their stomach just hurts after not eating a few hours.

Just wondering if I should look into seeing a doctor about this? Or should I just make sure I have a candy bar with me at all times. I was feeling shaky today and I ate a snickers, felt 100% better after only a minute.

By the way I eat all the time so I'm not one of those girls starving herself to be thin. I love food too much, lol. This only happens once in awhile, if I just wait too long to eat.

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I am borderline hypoglycemic according to the test my doc ran. I get lightheaded and shaky if my sugar gets too low. I always have some kind of snack on hand, usually nuts and a granola bar or something like that.

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Hypoglycemic doesn't mean that you're diabetic. And no, you aren't the only one. I have food with me at all times, and I can't skip any meals.

FWIW a candy bar is a good quick fix but you need to follow it with something that contains protein. Once the sugar high wears off you'll feel worse than before.

Also, make sure you're drinking enough water. Slight dehydration can make you feel wacky too.
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I get this when I dont eat, I am light headed, nauseaous, sometimes headache, and cranky. I feel 100 times better after I eat something...

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Originally Posted by Maprinces3
I get this when I dont eat, I am light headed, nauseaous, sometimes headache, and cranky. I feel 100 times better after I eat something...

Me too
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It could also just be stress. Sometimes when I'm on overload I will get a little shaky. However, it never hurts to have something like a banana to help give you a little boost.
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carry some cheese crackers or peanut butter crackers with you, If you are dieting carry those diet bars, and check with your doctor a blood test can determine hypoglycemia , not high blood pressure, that can have the same symptoms

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Originally Posted by tamster34
Me too
Me three.

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I am hypoglycemic and always carry some snack with me. Protein is the best..though you may crave sugar. If I get really low peanut butter always helps.

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thats pretty normal. unless it happens a lot. and after youve eaten not that long ago.

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This happens to me all the time. I don't really understand it. First time it happened to me where I noticed it, it got so bad that I thought I was going crazy. I just didn't put two and two together that I needed to eat something! Eventually, I did go stick some food in my mouth and I instantly felt better. It sure was scary though.

I told my doctor about it and he said that I just had "hypoglycemic episodes" and thats all he said about it. I'm still quite confused about it.

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It happens to me if I skip a meal except I carry granola bars in my purse. Once I get through that shaky part and don't eat, I can go on to headaches. The worse part is that this starts to happen about an hour after I skip a meal. No starvation diets for me!

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I've had that happen several times. Not a lot, but on occasion I will get weak and shaky until I eat a little something. I just assumed it was normal since it doesn't happen a lot.
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My son is hypoglycemic, I didnt even know. Sometimes when he skipped meals, later on he would get really pale, have a headache and vomit. One night he was staying at his aunts house, this happened. Because she has it, she knew immediately wut it was. Took him to the drs. Sure enough. They give him a piece of candy at 2:00 everyday at school to keep him going. Good luck.
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This happens to me, as well...has for a few years now. I get weak and dizzy and sometimes I almost feel like I'm slightly drunk...slightly slurring my words, ect. I have even had actual sugar crashes a few times (very rarely), either RIGHT after I wake up, or right after a strenuous affects my vision, my hearing, my ability to MOVE....makes me extremely nauseous, I turn white, and break out in a full body sweat (this last time it happened it was a cold THAT is a weird feeling!). Usually the worst of it doesn't last for more than a minute before I slowly start to come out of it.

I tell ya, it sure sucks. I do NOT know exactly what I have, because I don't have insurance....I have recently been told that a lot of non-diabetics can have sugar crashes, that makes me feel a bit better.

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