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Limit one entry per person per household?
I have a question... what does this mean:

Limit one entry per person per household?


Does it mean:
each person in the house can enter once each
only one entry per the entire household

Thank you !!!
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Only ONE entry for the household.
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ONE person in your house can enter

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One entry per household means only one person can enter from that house/address etc..

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I understand your confusion. "per person" and "household" conflict.

My policy is, less entries is best.
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Great question!!!! I have to disagree, though--

I used to think it was "per household', but the more I look at that sentence, the more I am thinking, "one entry for each person in the household" .

The translation for Latin "per" is "for each".

If the sposnors wanted it one per household, the sponsor would state so. I have some entry blanks in front of me that specifically say, "one entry per household".

Please, would you mind writing or calling the sponsor/judging agency to ask for clarification on this? Or perhaps post the particular sweeps so that one of us can contact the sponsor and ask?
We can update this thread with the official response.
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I work int he media and we do contests every day. One person per household means only ONE person who lives under your roof may enter. If you enter your husband, child, Mother, or anyone else with the same address may NOT enter. Ohterwise it would be one entry per PERSON.
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1x per person = you, and everyone else can enter 1x and can share an email addy
1x per person/e-mail= you, and everyone else can enter 1x but must also have their own email
1x per household = only 1 person from a snail mail addy can enter
1x per email = you may enter multiple times with different email addys

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1 Person in your household total

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