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Pros and Cons of Free Care v. Masshealth v. Insurance?
Okay my mom is 61 yrs. old and a widow. She is working at Walgreens right now (they had no insurance). She lost her home and is paying everything by herself now. Walgreens does not pay a lot AT ALL but DOES offer medical insurance for over 30 hours. Now, I am trying to find out if my mom can get free care (she checked it out and says she is eligible) because paying for the insurance at Walgreens can put her under. I also have to look into Masshealth for her - just checking out the options. I believe she gets paid $7.25 or $7.50 an hour then deduct taxes and insurance and she isn't left with much! NOW, my question is - What is the difference between free care and medical benefits? What about Masshealth? I am just looking for in order to help my mom make the right decision - she has never been on her own so this is very confusing to her. I don't know what you get/don't get with free care and am not sure if she is even eligible for mass health. If anyone can give me any input on any of this, I would appreciate it so much!! She may be better of getting free care but I'm not sure you can get dr.'s visits, prescriptions, etc. Thanks for any advice or input! ~ Lauren

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