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Question Are all sweeps on OLS valid ???
I'm really new at this, so PLEASE bear with me. Are all of the sweeps on OLS valid sweeps ?? I noticed a little "camera" or something by some, but not others?? Also, is it OKAY or NOT to use ROBOFORM ??? If it's okay, is it better to use it ??

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Took me a while to figure out the little camera is a file folder with a check mark LOL.

That means it has been validated as not being a duplicate, etc.

Most people use robo, me thinks, but it's a personal preference thingy. Saves you a lot of typing.

Good luck!!!:bluesbros
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Hi there! I believe all submitted sweeps are reviewed by the editors before being allowed to be looked at by the members. Theres a link somewhere but I'm too lazy to find it this early.........:0)
Roboform is a debate amongst all of us. Some use it, some dont. Some think its automated, some dont. You have to decide.

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the sweeps are valid, if I understand your meaning. It is up to you whether you enter and agree to the rules of each contest. Some require signing up for a newsletter, etc.

The use of robo is controversial. You can search the forums for several discussions about it's use. Some feel it will keep them from winning and enter all contests by hand, others enter with it and win and use it for all contests. It is a personal choice. I enter both ways, depending on if robo is acting up or if I feel the site is anti any enter ways except manually.
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http://www.online-sweepstakes.com/fo...d.php?t=275683 Have you seen this? Its the most informative thread for new people! Good Luck to you and welcome to ols!!
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okay, I always thought that thing was a file folder with a check mark! LOL -

Remember just because a sweep is validated, it does NOT mean you will not get telemarketing calls, e-mail, etc. Validation only means (as I understand it) - that the sweep does exist, it contains rules to the sweepstake and a moderator has catagorized the sweep and added any other pertinent info.

Always read the sweep notes if you have any questions about SPAM or telemarketing coming from entering a sweep - - people are pretty good about submitting that info.

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Roboform is just a form filler and is not automated. It's completely legal to use on sweepstakes. We win way too much with the use of Roboform to believe otherwise. So, I don't agree with those arguing that Roboform is automated, and there's very few of those who think that way anyway. At Roboform.com, they even state on their own site that it's completely legal to use on sweepstakes.
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