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Does your Goodwill store have Dollar Days Sales??
Ours does, quarterly. Saturday was the day. I got 25 items for $25. My dad showed up as my son and I were walking in the store, and so did a lady I work with. My dad was so happy with the great deals he got. He grabbed all of the clothes in my hands and paid for them while I was still shopping. I don't think I've seem him that proud since I graduated from college. You can't try anything on, but I only had 1 item out of the 7 items that I bought for myself that did not fit.

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Good deal!!!

I haven't been in ours in ages (I am ashamed to say!). Ours always did the half-price all pink tag items would be half price on Tuesday, etc. They were grouped, say pink tags were skirts. So if I were looking for a particular type of item, I'd go on its half-off day.

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that would be great
but we don't get those dollar days here! They mark the prices so high here, I'm better off buying new!

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Our Goodwills have really gotten expensive on some items. I go to the bargain barns that 2 of them have. There housewares are usually .25 and clothes near 1.00 each piece. I buy a lot of toys/books for the kids.

Will be going later today.
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the ones near me have something on sale everyday usually 25% off a color tag it has 50% one day a week at least and dollars days once a month for a specific color tag.

I am dissapointed in the price hike that the books have taken over the last year. Last year kids books were 25 cents now they are $1 for the soft back...

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i went to goodwill today
found an awesome cookbook 2 years old
like new .49
who hoo
i never go often enough to know about dollar says
but that sounds like fun to me
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Ours does, but not sure how frequently. I go about 1x/mth to check out mainly books...great reading books for so cheap!!!
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Ours has gotten expensive. They get new Target items and sometimes they will have them priced a lot more than it originally sold for.
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Ours has 1/2 off days, but they do not usually post any notice in advance... so I always miss it!

Good Luck to ALL!!
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At ours every Monday a different color tag is .99 cents but you need to get there early or everything good is gone (unless your lucky). However, the everyday prices are not bad so there is still plenty to buy. They also do not charge sales tax in this state for thrift store purchases which really helps keep the prices down.

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Goodwill in Millersburg just built a new building and had their grand opening about 2 weeks ago. I went ..and not only do they have a new building they have new HIGH prices too. I think I'll just stick to the Goodwill here in Coshocton where its still cheap.

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Virginia, Every WEDS, It is a fun treasure shopping day for me. I found hand sewn really pretty Hawaiian Style bed room set for $1. Coral and blue color.
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  Old  May 3rd, 2006, 8:03pm     #13
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I don't know about dollar days, but every Saturday, they mark the prices off 50%.
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The one here has daily deals and color codes the sale items. One color is 75% off while another colored tag is 50% off and then one other color is 25% off.
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no, but I wish they did.
They have a card that gets a stamp for every $10 you spend, when it's full you get a 20% discount - that's it.

Each one seems different. One will have great prices, one will be way overpriced.
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