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Unhappy Moneyballs
Is this outfit perpetuating a fraud of some kind? I had $500+
bonus bucks andover 200 accumulated tickets and (poof) I was
knocked off line and when I got back on both $ and tickets were
gone. I have written them gripe notes almost every day since
and they returned the $ one time only, then took them again. I
have to get 5 out of 7 to get the $, but there is always that
nebulous chance, so I am really mad. Took me about 2 years to
get that much together. Anyone know anything about these
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Same thing happened to me.. was up to $50 in bonus money.. logged in the next day and started over with zilch like it was day-one. I have yet to hear a peep after several emails to them.

I suspect its as simple as their server went down and everything got reset but a simple explanation would have been nice.
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I went to the site after I read this thread. I hadn't played in months and all my "money" was still there, along with my spins.

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Isn't Moneyballs the one that gives you all of those bonus bucks,but you can't actually have any of it unless you get an actual cash win? I can't remember for sure,but I thought that was the one I checked out a few years ago and that was the catch. Either way,it's probably a scam.
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