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Help !! Does anybody understand the "Fingerhut" sweepstakes ??

I've been entering their contests for several months and I don't get what they're doing. They have their "own" big money sweeps plus they seem to offer the same sweeps thru "affiliate" sites - I always read the rules and theirs' state that you can enter once per day but then they also indicate that you may have the opportunity to also enter thru their affiliate sites - any ideas what this actually means ?

The other problem I have with their sweep sites is that there doesn't seem to be any relationship at all between what they list in their rules as an expiration date for a contest and what actually occurs. I have seen some of their sweeps just disappear before there scheduled end date, some sites where the prize all of a sudden changed, some prizes seem to vanish on one site and then show up on another site, and some sites where the rules actually appear to have been changed to a later expiration date !!

I don't get it - Whats up with "Fingerhut" ??
I really like their home site and their "big money" prizes but I don't understand how they run their sweeps.

Any Thoughts ??
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I have been wondering about this my self.Hope we get an answer.

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I don't have any answers, just the same complaint. I sometimes wonder if it's a sweepstakes or a "game". It blew me away when the 5 million contest was suddenly a 5 thousand contest, and just as suddenly, returned to being a 5 million contest. Have you read or heard of anybody ever winning any of these?
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