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Question About Automatic Entry
Entries generated by a robotic, programmed, script, macro or other automated means will be disqualified.
I have finally started reading the rules of the contests and I have seen this on several. I know what robotic means but what about the rest? I think I have been disqualified for a lot of contests I have been entering because I have been using robo form. Please tell me I am wrong!
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There are many many threads on this
subject. Try searching the forums for roboform.

Whoopsy daisy.
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Originally Posted by backwardsbabe
I think I have been disqualified for a lot of contests I have been entering because I have been using robo form. Please tell me I am wrong!
Whenever I lose or misplace stuff...I'm certain it's been stolen.

When people don't like me...I'm sure they are prejudiced or shortsighted.

When any bad stuff happens to me...I don't feel any responsibility since I'm the victim.

Backwardsbabe: you (and me when I feel like the above) are probably wrong, LOL.

You were invited to search the forums because the notorious "does roboform disqualify me" question is inching up towards the single most asked, answered rehashed topic. The fact is that Roboform was created in Area 51 by space aliens...there is no way mere earth based websites could detect it. And the new version of Webster's Collegiate Dictionary no longer lists the word...gullible.

PS - a script or macro is generally a very small program that automates a few multiple tasks. I use a mobility access macro (built into windows) that let's me program mouse clicks onto my keyboard. Roboform is not really a script or macro, it's a Browser Helper Object, a plugin. But it DOES fall into the basic catch-all boiler plate list of prohibited type stuff we often see in official rules...so deal as you wish. Too many people here have used Robo and received prizes from the hundreds of contests with that language in their rules for me to worry about it. But I type slow and spel pourly, so there's no way I'm gonna quit using it.
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1) In Microsoft Word and other programs, a macro is a saved sequence of commands or keyboard strokes that can be stored and then recalled with a single command or keyboard stroke

2) In computers, a macro (for "large"; the opposite of "micro") is any programming or user interface that, when used, expands into something larger. The original use for "macro" or "macro definition" was in computer assembler language before higher-level, easier-to-code languages became more common. In assembler language, a macro definition defines how to expand a single language statement or computer instruction into a number of instructions. The macro statement contains the name of the macro definition and usually some variable parameter information. Macros were (and are) useful especially when a sequence of instructions is used a number of times (and possibly by different programmers working on a project). Some pre-compilers also use the macro concept. In general, however, in higher-level languages, any language statement is about as easy to write as an assembler macro statement.


Another term for macro or batch file, a script is a list of commands that can be executed without user interaction. A script language is a simple programming language with which you can write scripts.
Apple Computer uses the term script to refer to programs written in its HyperCard or AppleScript language.
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