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Question Phone Number Dashes or not?
When just a box is provided on an entry form for your phone number, do you include dashes or not?
I've been putting in the dashes if space is provided, I'm kinda anal that way.I hope I haven't messed up about a zillion entry forms doing this.

What does the OLS peanut gallery have to say?

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I must say a do agree with you!!!
Anal or not!!!
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I've always put the dashes in unless it said numbers only.

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Unless it shows a format such as XXX-XXX-XXXX or specifies how it should be entered I don't think it really matters
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I have put the dashes in as well.

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I use Roboform and I think it puts the dashes in.
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I usually put the dashes in too, unless it says differently. Good luck and I hope you haven't been DQ'd for your obsession! LOL
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I'm a dash girl myself!
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This question / issue falls into the huge category of "it depends or varies" or "stuff we just don't usually know." I always use XXX-XXX-XXXX as a default.

Unless the entry form makes it very clear how they want it formatted, the only way we know if we perhaps formatted incorrectly is if we get an error message. Many, many times in the past various sweeps have been driving people nuts with non-specific database error messages...dozens of people griping in the notes. Then somebody would say "try it with no spaces or dashes (or spaces / no dashes) and it works." Everyone would go "a-ha!" and submit successfully.

Similarly, we've seen many sweeps with bewildering error messages that somebody figured out could be solved by using no abbreviations or punctuation in your address (eg. use Avenue instead of Ave., or Number instead of #). But if there is no error message, who knows?

Many other sweeps are programmed NOT to display database error messages on the front end (eg the screen we see). They will glibly serve up a jolly "Thank you, your entry has been submitted" whether your info is complete, correct or not. Single entry sweeps that say "thanks" no matter how many times you enter. What we often don't know...is if those "apparently acceptable" entries will be culled out when the final database is dumped and winners selected. Heck, there are entry forms out there for contests expired over one year ago, where folks have already posted "I won" in the Winners Circle, and those forms will still say "thank you, your information has been submitted" LOL.

Best I can say is...pay attention. Most Sony sweeps want all numbers, no spaces (but not all). ETOnline sweeps seem to convert my XXX-XXX-XXXX numbers into a (XXX) XXX-XXXX format in that split second after I click submit (along with emptying the state field). But what we "see" is not necessarily what they "get."

The XXX-XXX-XXXX format is probably the most generic and widely used for USA phone numbers. When I google phone numbers I always use that format...but if I don't get any results I'll also try the parenthesis version which sometimes yield different results.
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like grandma's underwear--it Depends...

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Thank you all for your replies and input. I am glad to know I'm not the only one. This was the last thing I had to cross off my "What am I doing wrong?" check list. Now I know if i don't start winning some goodies it's not because I've been DQing myself, it's just that I'm unlucky.

If you can't be a good example, you'll just have to be a terrible warning.
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Haha...I must be a weird one, cuz if I don't have to put the dashes in, I don't. I've worked retail for 5 years, and I can work the number pad in my sleep...I can do it a lot faster if I leave the dashes out.

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