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Wink snail mail sweepstakes newsletter
Does anyone here subscribe snail mail to Sweepstakes Profile? They took over the old Contest Newsletter a few years ago and are based in KY. There seems to be an endless
problem with that newsletter and I am starting to wonder about them. it seems like shades of Contest Newsletter. I have never had a problem till recently well actually its a few months
now. First its tech. problems then health problems, then etc. etc. I do know problems arise
but this is endless. So if anyone is a subscriber please email me.

Thanks and Hope Jean goes out to sea for our Fl. people

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No, I don't get that one. I used to subscribe to another sweeps letter years ago, before the internet was popular, and I thought it was great! Now, however, I recently tried another sweeps newsletter. It was like $35 buck for 3 months. I didn't like it all, it felt like a rip-off. They never contacted me to renew so I guess they knew it too, and that noone would renew!
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I currently subscribe to an awesome snail sweeps newsletter. PM me if you want more info.

You get a weekly listing of snails

PLUS email alerts of short runs and early bird entry specials...i.e. first 2000 get this or that

On top of that they have a yahoo group for added discussion.
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I don't think Sweepstakes Profiles took over for Contest Newsletter. I used to get Profiles when Contest Newsletter was still around. They were decent then but most of their sweeps were internet entry. Never had a problem with them though. Sorry you are having problems.
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I subscribe to Sweepstakes Profiles. Yes, you're right. They have had a lot of problems recently. It's apparently the editor's health.

If you're looking for a good replacement, I recommend www.sweepingamerica.com. The issue is ALWAYS delivered on Friday. Great customer service and I find they're the first to list a lot of sweepstakes. This newsletter concentrates on snail mail sweepstakes more than online sweepstakes though. If you're interested in snail mail sweeps, they're great.

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I still subscribe but Sweepsheet is a much better newsletter. I also subscribe to Sweepsheet.
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