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Is My Cat Burping??
Does anyone here have experience with a sick cat who didn't eat for several
days?? Here's our situation -- Saturday Aug 21, our 4-year-old cat Quinn
had a respiratory attack that turned out to be caused by a heart problem.
He spent a full day at the emergency clinic and another day going from vet
to vet for tests. He didn't eat again until Thursday (we kept telling the vets
he wasn't eating and they didn't seem concerned until that day). The vet told
us Thursday morning if he didn't eat something soon he might not make it;
they recommended baby food and prescribed Valium to stimulate his appetite.

When nothing else worked -- the baby food did. We had the very simple "first
food" type ham, turkey, chicken, and beef that's just the ground up meat with
juice and corn starch. He has also eaten some dry cat food, just a little, and
some canned cat food, once he got started again with the baby food. But last
night (Sat. Aug 28), he started jerking his head in a movement that seemed
very much like a burp or a hiccup. He doesn't do it as much when he's sleeping
or very calm, but when it's time for a pill or he's a little more active or eating,
then sometimes he'll do this burp-type thing several times in a row.

The vets said he might have some cramping after not eating for so long but didn't
say anything about gas, burping, or hiccuping. He doesn't seem to be in any
distress, and while the emergency vet did manage to save his life, we were very
unhappy with the information (or lack of it) she provided to us -- and her
diagnosis was way off (she said heart muscle disease was a possibility, but that
it was more likely heartworms or asthma). So, we don't want to take him back
up there tonight unless we really need to.

So, has anyone been through this before? Is hiccuppng and burping likely
when the digestive system sat dormant for five days?


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its possible. my cat did that, too, right about the time i had to put her to sleep. she wasn't eating at all. she suffered so much, poor thing. i still miss her.

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Take her to a different vet ASAP!! The movement you describe sounds like she is coughing up something. Maybe after not eating she is having trouble getting food down.
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Update on Quinn
The vet said he probably was just hiccuping -- but then throughout the
day Monday, Quinn became listless and wouldn't eat, so my husband
took him to the vet. Turns out, he probably has walking pneumonia
on top of everything else (and despite the fact he's been taking
anti-biotics for 10 days). So, he has two more anti-biotics to take
now, along with his heart medicines.

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This is just a long shot, but could he have a secondary infection brought on by the anti-biotics?? I raise pigeons, and sometimes when they are treated for an infection with tetracycline, they get a yeast infection in their throat and airways that makes them make a funny noise, similar to a hiccup (then I have to give them a second med to clear that up).

I know cats and birds have totally different systems, but I thought I'd throw the info out there just in case...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your kitty.

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My cat acted like she was kind of burping. She did not eat for several days and when I took her to the vet they found out that she had a severe asthma attack. She had to be put in an oxygen box for a few hours. I was told that if I had not gotten her there when I did she would had probably died. I really hope that they checked for that.
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I have no idea what that is but I sure would like to hear that your baby is ok.

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