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Premium question and offering assistance
Are no premium memberships being processed?

I have read all the threads about what is going on and Brent's comment about trying to work things out. I have been member since before this was a pay for premium. Heck I think back in 1998 or so is when I starting following these sweepstakes.

I sent in my $30 as I have every year, waiting for it to be processed. It is very sad to see OLS falling apart.

I would gladly offer my assistance for whatever aspect is needed to get thing rolling again. Is there any way an admin or Brent can let me know what I might be able to help with? Steps needed to become an admin or to help?

I have credentials and can provide if there is some type of background check needed in order to help.

I don't want OLS to fall apart.

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Maybe PM KB directly..


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There are no updates since these posts:



The only person that can fix the site problems is Brent (ie: access to the back end, admin rights etc). We have all offered to help him. He is the owner and has the final decision on everything. That is nice of you to offer (and all the others that have offered).

To answer your specific question, no memberships are being processed. Brent is the only one with the access to do that. You can always contact paypal for any type of dispute.

I wish we had an update for you, but we have not heard anything new. I know you want more info, but we truly have none. You guys deserve better than this.
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