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Submit button not working
There is a sweepstakes that I want to enter but the the submit button wont work in IE or Chrome. Is there a command that I can use to submit the form? Thanks
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Try hitting the enter key on your keyboard. If that doesn't work then there is probably a glitch causing it to not submit.

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Sometimes sweeps submit buttons won't work..

As above, I will try the "enter" key..

Other things that have worked is I move my mouse around to see if it shows the hand in a spot surrounding the submit .. sometimes it's a little off for me and I just have to click a little away from the submit.

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Be sure that you are at the absolute bottom of the page you are on. Some pages have dumb things below the submit button, like the captcha, an error message, not available in your state, a like message etc.

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Try putting your cursor in another field and hitting enter on your keyboard
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other option is your ad blocker may be blocking it

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