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Can't believe companies pay for
This Captcha crap, never works, have to do it over and over, a real pain

You've got to to prime the pump, you've got to have faith and believe
You've got to give of yourself before your worthy to receive!
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I've never had a problem with it, always works fine.

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There was a time a few months ago where the program would never accept my selections and it would run me through a couple dozen photos at a time before I would just give up. Someone suggested using the audio option, which and I did, and it worked great. Then after a while I could use the picture version again without being rejected over and over. I'd go back to the audio if I ever had issues again
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I can't believe that so many people cheat to such an extent that websites have to implement this technology in order to prove we really are humans trying to enter the sweepstakes that the company is so generous to sponsor.

I really can't believe that the blame is put on the companies instead of these serial cheaters who want to steal the prizes from the rest of us.

Love trumps hate
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Originally Posted by Firestorm51 View Post
I've never had a problem with it, always works fine.

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Originally Posted by kitalina View Post

My thoughts exactly.
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the ones that never work for me are: cars. never. ever. ever.

i started just skipping until something came up that worked for me, like crosswalks, signs, or buses. BUT....then the coke rewards one (over the holidays) pegged me as a bot! it said i skipped too many and now my computer was locked from entering, and i had to wait a few hours until it worked again. it was a real PITA. so i just kept hitting the cars.....and they would disappear, and so i hit the next one, then it would disappear, and this would go on for about 10-15 tries, until finally it just gave in and let me in.

someone out there has to know what i am talking about!

so yea, not a fan of the picture ones. i would rather go back to the words if i had a choice.
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