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Looking for design help !!!
While I love the armoir and I love the arched piece above it, I'm just unsure of the two tone wood combination. The top piece doesn't come in dark brown, the bottom is dark pecan wood. I'm looking for opinions on whether to leave it as it, try to stain it, or just return it. It might be harder to tell since I have nothing on top of the piece in the way of baskets, etc. yet. It's a bit over 6 ft tall with the arched piece. Any opinions are much appreciated. (And, also open to suggestions on what to put on top now
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The two wood tones are different browns, and don't meld.

I can't comment on what staining would do as I can't see detail on the arched piece, in regards to grain and finish. Staining the arched piece would be a lot of work to complete properly.
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If you really like it maybe just slightly darken the top piece. It doesn't have to match exactly. You could get a similar stain to the bottom piece and just sponge it on so it looks like a combo of the original color with some deep undertones (light with undertones of darker). That will fake the eye out enough to make it more cohesive. It may be easier to do that than try to find an exact match to the bottom.

If you do that and then put some fun things in front of that back piece like greenery, plants, pottery etc then that will also break up the color difference.

If you don't feel like darkening the top piece, then maybe put a bigger item on top to break up the difference. Just be careful not to have too much weight on top so it doesn't look top heavy. Also a basket with greenery or some green could help. Things don't have to match exactly but there needs to be some cohesion or something that masks big differences in color. JMO.

Have fun!

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Have you considered painting the arched piece a color or a metallic gold, silver or bronze?

Perhaps a color that matches the rest of the decor. I think spray paint might work better than paint and brush. I have brown chairs that I want to spray paint a dark turquoise when I can take them outside.

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The arched piece is too large for the chest (almost the same width) You need something that is 2/3 or less of the width of the chest and in a color that coordinates with the other colors in the room. You want a piece that draws the eye up there to look at it. A basket with a lid in a much lighter color maybe and two other smaller pieces up there with it (a small short colored vase and a charger on a stand would work). Always decorate in 3's. 3 different items will add interest and pull the eye up!

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Is the arched piece on the top attached permanently to the bottom? It totally does not match. I like the bottom part of the cabinet but that top part just doesn't go with it. If it comes off, I would remove the arch and use it as a wall hanging by itself.
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When i have tall pieces like that I just use potted fake plants (silk) Use the other piece sep. like on Fixer Upper on HGTV. She does that a lot (jo Jo ) My opinion That piece looks nice though
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Thanks everybody !! There are some good ideas here, I really appreciate your input.
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Yes darken the top piece and then play with adding some lighter elements.

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There's some sort of furniture polish I use that fills 'scratches' that will also darken wood pretty easily? I'd try that?

I can't remember the name of it- don't stress I'm still trying to remember my kids names too... It's been decades and they outgrew baby & teenager...
pretty much any stain works about the same as that polish just the polish is quick, handy and usually a staple cleaning supply when the kiddos are around.

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Maybe paint or stain with a mirror behind it. They have mirrored film that could probably work.


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Hmm, I actually like the two tones. With a decorative plant or two up there it would look spiffy just like it is.
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The piece on top totally detracts from the cabinet below. I would put a lamp, plant and picture on the cabinet and the top piece stain or paint it & put elsewhere. The cabinet is really pretty though!
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