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My Son Met Someone from this Site
I just have to tell y'all this story.

Ok, my son who is a salesperson at Best Buy (sells computers) met someone from this site. He doesn't work a lot because he's in college full-time.
That person was telling him how they've won trips, etc. Whatever they don't give to family members they sell. Wow, sounds just like me!
Whoever that was please step forward. I'm totally kidding you don't have to!

Knowing my son I doubt he said anything about his Mom who's been a member of this site for umpteen years.
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Six Degrees!
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Oh, too bad he didn't ask their ols name.
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I sometimes wonder if we cross paths with fellow OLSers without knowing it. We are a very special group of people.

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I wonder how many of the 100,000 registered users are still active?

This place used to be hoppin' back in the mid-2000s.
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