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HUGE win
The check has cleared and the trip to Los Angeles has been taken.

So it's official.

I am the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the

Join the Orville Sweepstakes

I chose the cash option of 25 thousand dollars.

The prize also included a trip to Los Angeles. While there I attended the FOX 2017 Fall Premiere Party (at the restaurant Catch LA on Melrose). It was an industry party for all the stars of the fall season lineup. Pictures WERE NOT allowed inside. HOWEVER. I brought Seth Macfarlane's Christmas album and an 8" X 10" color glossy with me for him to sign. LOL. Not only did I get his autograph but he turned out to be a nice guy and we hung out for about 10 minutes or so. We share the same sense of humor. Who knew? Also talked to Mariah Carey for a few minutes. As well as Damon Wayans, Dirk Blocker, Will Forte and some others. As soon as they found out that I was a librarian (and not in the industry) they actually visibly relaxed. They seemed to appreciate that I was not "after something." Mostly, we talked about books. The food was awesome and they had waiters strolling with appetizers and other canapes.

Grand Prize (1): The Grand Prize Winner will receive a three (3) day/two (2) night trip for
two (2) people – Grand Prize Winner and a guest – to attend The Orville premiere in Los
Angeles, California, plus his/her choice of either (i) a $25,000 check made payable to the
Grand Prize Winner, or (ii) an Alcor Life Extension Foundation (“Alcor”) Lifetime
Membership (valued at $15,000) and $10,000 towards human cryopreservation
(collectively, “Grand Prize”). One (1) Grand Prize will be awarded in the Sweepstakes.
The ARV of the Grand Prize is $29,000

My dog's name is Mr. Hot Shot. He likes to ride in the car and loves getting his ears scratched and belly rubbed.
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WOW! Congratulations! ~ Sharon
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CONGRAT'S, so exciting and so happy for you
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That's so awesome!


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Congrats on your wonderful win!
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I thought that was the coolest sweep! Entered everyday, so glad an OLSer won and had fun with the prize.

I, too, would have taken the money over the cryogenics! LOL

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Congratulations On A Great Win
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Sounds awesome! Congrats!
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SO cool! Congratulations!
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Great win. Congratulations!
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Earn cash back while shopping with ebates - my referral
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So happy for you, huge congrats on
a huge prize!!!

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