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Do people still win prizes?
I am just curious....I hardly win anything anymore. I am using the Opera browser with RoboForm/auto fill...could that effect a persons chance of winning? Thanks.

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All I seem to win is junk or worthless coupons. I'd be happy to win a $5 amazon or a candy bar, but I don't want t-shirts that don't fit or 2 week trials to some radio program.
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I've won three little prizes this year, which certainly isn't much of a haul, considering how many sweeps I enter. Nothing major.

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Gone are the days of many large prizes to be won. There was one year that I won three separate domestic trips....this year the only worthwhile thing I won was a Juiceman Juicer, which I sold on EBAY. I am with the majority...have not interest in winning a book, or a coupon for Lucky Charms cereal. I just do not enter those so I sweep very little. Cause there are so few decent prizes to win.

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I haven't won much except for little prizes (and not even many of those!) in the past few years, but last week I won 2 tickets to SeaWorld (ARV $200) which gave me hope. Hang in there, Elittle!
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I really cant remember winning anything this year so far that the arv was over $5. Really slow year so far.
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You absolutely can still win big prizes! This year, I've won a Sleep Number bed ($3000) and my choice of up to $9000 of appliances. And several much smaller (but very nice) prizes.

The number of wins is certainly down from when I first started sweeping, but there are still great prizes to be had!

As for using Roboform, I use it for almost all my entries.
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I replied about a month ago on a thread about not winning in a LONG time and that was me - and low and behold I just rec'd notice that I won a GC and Folger's Coffee in a jingle contest - waiting for the prize now. I also started searching the email inbox I use for contests very thoroughly - after reading about a member that almost lost out because he missed the email....and saw the winning announcement. I now search every day for 'winner', 'winning', ;notification' and a few other search words as I get over 300 emails several times a day. I can only hope I didn't miss out on any prizes. So, I say stay with it - maybe up your contest entries (I did by a lot) - enter some smaller prize contests - and it will happen. Good luck.
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I'm not winning much at all.. and like others.. little things. So many people like at the bank keep asking what I won lately.. makes me feel a little down when I have to say nothing.

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I used to win several prizes a month. Lately it seems I win about a prize every two or three months. I have won a few prizes this month, 2 were books. Nothing really over $150 in about 8 years.
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So far this year I've won a bag of bagels, a bag of pretzels, a $20 Visa Gift card, a $25 Walgreen gift card and an online subscription to ESPN magazine. That's it. I enter about 80 contests every day and I've barely covered my membership. Last year was probably worse.

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Ah, back in the day, winning stuff was great.

This year, the best of the two prizes was $10 from Publishers Clearing House. The other one? Bag of pretzels that hasn't come yet.

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I've just started back after about a 9 year hiatus. I've only been going strong for about 1 1/2 months. I've won three prizes so far. A food win of Green Chili Sauces, a second prize of Berries for Mother's Day, and just received notice that I won a pro-football camp for my grandson. I've been very pleased with my welcome back to sweeping. We all just need a little pixie dust! Good luck all!

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I just started again about a week ago after a long hiatus. I got a few things in the mail already this week, I was surprised. Nothing huge but not bad for just starting again.
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Not as many sweeps and not as many prizes for sure. The heyday is gone. I used to have spend hours just keeping up with my dailies, now? It can knock them out in 30 minutes. Honestly, I win more playing the lottery than I do with free sweeps. Odds are sadly better too.

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